Hi, my name is Maria and I am the Manager of some very fun activity all little and big boys LOVE and even some girls love it, too. I manage a Racing series for people who own Ferrari cars and want to drive them fast.

One of your little guys showed up today on my desk and spent a few minutes with me until he hopped off again to hang out with my colleagues.

He said that heíll report back to you what he saw: lots of pictures of Ferrari Racing cars, our big red Ferrari Racing Truck that carries all our spare parts and functions as our office when we are traveling. He also saw some trophies and such exciting things that divers get when they win a race and get to climb on the podium, which has different levels Ė a higher one and thatís for the Winner, another one thatís a bit lower for the second driver and an even lower one yet( but still higher than the ground), which is for the driver who came in third.