Wisconsin Homeschool Visit

Stanley going on a trail bike ride into the Reforestation Camp, County property in Wisconsin that is close to our home.
Stanley and Jacob reading during home school time together.
Stanley visitor doing the pledge to the flag at homeschool.
One dressing up as all time sack leader for the Green Bay Packers, NFL football.  #92
Snowmobiler, sized appropriate for Stanley of course.
Visiting Door County Candle Works to learn how to make candles.
In the following pictures Stanley is eating Cheese Curds in Wisconsin,  (squeaky cheese!) and celebrating Mardi Gras in Wisconsin.
A visitor from Oregon gets to experience the fresh Wisconsin Snow and outdoors! 

Stanleys are tasting Curds and others are waiting in line to taste the Squeaky Cheese!
Stanleys are attempting to move with magnets.
Many visitors, Kentucky, Kansas....Vermont!
(getting ready to go cross country skiing)
More from Wisconsin:
Kindly submitted by Katie Harbath who wrote,

"I thought you'd enjoy this cute story about Flat Stanley from when the President was in my home state of Wisconsin this week. -- Katie"
Taking constituent service to a new level, Rep. Tom Petri's staff managed to introduce "Flat Stanley" to President Bush during the President's visit in Appleton Tuesday.
Young children and parents all across the country know that Flat Stanley is a character in a story who was flattened by an accident. Being reduced to two dimensions made it possible for him to travel through the mail. Accordingly, teachers nationwide have young students make their own Flat Stanleys which they mail to people they know in other schools, states or countries as a way to improve their writing and communication skills and learn about different places.
When President Bush's visit to Appleton was announced, the parent of a second grade student at Barlow Park Elementary School in Ripon called Rep. Petri's Fond du Lac office to ask if her daughter's Flat Stanley could get a photo with the President.
With little hope but a willing attitude, Petri staffer Melissa Kok took the Flat Stanley with her to the President's speech at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center.
"I took a couple of pictures of Flat Stanley while President Bush was speaking in the background," Kok said. "Those pictures didn't turn out too nice because the camera focused on Stanley and the President was blurry in the background."
"After President Bush finished with his speech, I moved to the front of the aisle to take better pictures of him leaving. He then proceeded down the stairs and shook hands with everyone in the front row where we were standing. President Bush saw that I had Flat Stanley and even said, 'Flat Stanley! Did you want to take a picture?' Of course, I said yes," Kok said.



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