Hi Dale,
Flat Stanley is still the king in all of my first & second grade classes.  We've read all the books.  We can't wait for the new one to come out.   We have displays in the hallways with a map with flags where Stanley has traveled. We have surrounded the map with photos of Stan from all the places that he has been.  We are loving this!
I have to explain the attached photo.  This is one of my second grade classes.  The day before Christmas break they called me into their classroom and led me to the front.  One of the kids handed me a pretty gift bag and I was told to open it.  I pulled out a framed picture (the one attached) with all the kids holding their Stanleys.  Then one of the kids told me to push the button on the frame.  I hadn't realized that it was a "talking" picture frame.  I pushed the button.  The kids had recorded this message:  "Thank you, Mrs. Weitzenkorn.  We love you.  Happy holidays!"   I couldn't hold back the tears.  I was so touched.  It was the best gift that I've ever gotten in 20 years of teaching.
Would it be possible for you to post the photo on the website?  I know the kids would be thrilled to be able to see it on the web.  They love your site.  They think playing Tic Tac Toe against Stanley is the best.  (I'm kind of partial to Tetris, myself!)  I would really appreciate it.
I have my own Stanley.  Jeff Brown signed his back last summer.  He is getting ready to go on a Caribbean Cruise with me.  He loved the last one that we went on and the kids loved the pictures.  This one is going to be even better!
Thanks so much,
~Judy Weitzenkorn~



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