Awards and Recognition...

The Flat Stanley Project was a winner of a Childnet International Award

The awards ceremony took place in Washington, DC, the week of April 16, 2001.  If you have an innovative and interesting idea for a web project, consider contacting Childnet at: and become a part of the Dot Hope Effect.
Here are some images of Stanley in Washington

Welcome to the Hyatt Regency at Capital Hill


Stanley with Nigel Williams, Director and Creator of Childnet International
(many thanks for a wonderful time!)


At the Lincoln Memorial

then it was off to the Washington Zoo


then to the Smithsonian Museum of Space and Flight

One small step for a man,
one giant leap for a Flat Stanley


The Awards Ceremony were held at the National Geographic Society Headquarters



Florence Harper, a Washington teacher, and her mother brought a bunch of Flat Stanleys to the event


The Flat Stanley Project placed second at the Childnet International Awards Ceremony in the Individual Category