Dear Jake,


Well I finally am coming home. I really did miss you and I thought about you a lot.


The Walerius family was so nice. They did all kinds of fun things with me. Mrs. Walerius is especially nice. She was always making sure I had fun things to do. She is so pretty and fun. (but mostly she’s just pretty)


We went to the Mall of America. That is the coolest place. I did bring home some postcards and pictures for you to look at. Lisa told me that you went there when you were up visiting that fun and cool family. Mrs Walerius (the pretty one) even let me pick up some presents for you because I missed you so much.  Mrs. Walerius was a little upset when I got lost, I ran off from such excitement, she found me in some store called “Victoria Secret” she told me it was no place for me to be. She was a little embarrassed, I really don’t know what is up with that, but that did not stop her from taking a picture of me in there.


Another interesting place that we went to was the Metrodome. It is located in downtown Minneapolis When the Bears go to Minnesota to play football, that is where they play. (the Bears did just beat the Vikings last week and Mr. Walerius was not happy) Paula’s husbands name is Mark but I just call him the Big Guy. He did say a few naughty words during the football game and a lot of naughty words when it was done but that pretty Mrs. Walerius told him to watch it because the Rug Rat was listening. What’s a Rug Rat?


I do think that you should tell your mom and dad to send that nice Walerius family to Florida for a nice vacation They took such good care of me it’s the least that your mom and dad could do.  Make sure they send lots of spending money.  It will be good to be home. 




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