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Yesterday Milo, Kida, and their pet, Rainbow, arrived at the VEC from North Carolina as part of the Flat Stanley Project.  They are laminated and they brought their own suitcase which doubles as a journal.  Quite remarkable, really. 

Wonderful program!  Thanks for letting us participate.



Here's a photo of some Flat Stanleys that visited us during our second annual Companions for a Cure event, in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Ontario Chapter. Over $18,000 was raised this year!


Dr. Michael Fussell with Flat Stanley and “Katie”, a Corn Snake. Katie came to the clinic to meet Flat Stanley as she heard he was visiting the clinic.


This is Louisiana Flat Stanley and a bearded dragon.  Flat Stanley is wearing surgical scrubs that one of my staff made for him. 

This is a great photo of Louisiana Flat Stanley and our clinic cat Louie greeting the clients in our reception area. Flat Milo, Kida and their pet Rainbow arrived last night from North Carolina from a class of 5 year olds. We are having lots of fun.



                        Flat Stanley’s trip to the Veterinary Emergency Clinic of York Region


            Flat Stanley went to the home of Woody for a visit. Woody has been a patient at the Veterinary Emergency Clinic of York Region on a couple of occasions. He was very sick but he was able to survive because he received a blood transfusion from Dennis, our resident cat.



Flat Stanley played in the snow with Midge and Squeak at Michele’s house. They played in the fresh, cool snow. It was very cold so they did not stay outside for very long.


Milo, Kida & Rainbow’s Visit to the

Veterinary Emergency Clinic of York Region in March, 2002


Milo, Rainbow & Kida are watching the technicians take a radiograph of our clinic cat Louis.


Kida, Milo& Rainbow with Kirsti & Sam, a Golden Retriever who had to have  surgery on his tummy. He feels great now.  

        Rainbow helped to put this collar on Sam so that Sam could not chew out his sutures.


Duke was hit by a car and hurt his leg. Duke is a  very sweet  dog and an excellent  patient.

We did a caesarean section this morning. Here's some photos of the new babies, their mom and Flat Stanleys (Mike & Jacob are from Wisconsin; Marquis is from Mississippi).





Thank you for supporting the Flat Stanley Project. www.flatstanley.com