Uncle Greg’s and Flat Stanley’s Trip to

The University of Notre Dame

April 18, 2004























April 18, 2005



Hi Lizzie!


I just wanted to let you know that I had a lot of fun with Stanley here at the University of Notre Dame!  We had a busy, busy day.


First, he went with me to school.  Here is a picture of us in one of my classrooms.










After school, we went on a walk to see the campus of this university.  In the background you can see the Basilica of the Sacred Heart and the famous Golden Dome of Notre Dame.  You can also see the trees are in bloom because it is spring.  Even though it is spring the weather is really, really warm.












Because of the warm weather, me and Stanley wanted to play football.  Notre Dame has a famous and popular football team called, the “Notre Dame Fighting Irish.”  Here is the stadium where they play.













This place is called Stonehenge.  After playing football, we got really dirty and sweaty.  To cool off, we decided to go swimming here in this fountain.  It was really fun! 













With football and swimming we got really hungry!  That is why we decided to have a nice lunch with my buddy Ted.  Ted says, “Hi Lizzie!”













After lunch, we continued our tour of Notre Dame.  We saw the Golden Dome, which is currently undergoing renovation.
















Next, we went to Hesburgh Library with the famous tile mural called, “Touchdown Jesus.”  It’s called this because Jesus is holding his arms up as if Notre Dame’s football team just scored a touchdown.

















After the library, we went to Mass at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart.  We said a special prayer for you Lizzie to wish you well in school.  It’s a pretty church, huh?












After going to church, we wanted to have more fun and so we decided to go swimming a second time.  This time, we went swimming in the reflecting pool near the football stadium.  It was great!


Lizzie, I hope you enjoyed Stanley’s trip around Notre Dame!


Love, Uncle Greg