Greetings from a fan of Flat Stanley


I was introduced to Flat Stanley in 1999 while serving with the United Nations International Police Task Force in Bosnia. My family was visiting me during the Christmas holiday and my twelve year old son introduced me to Flat Stanley. From there Stanley became a part of my family after my family returned home. In fact, he was adopted by my international staff and the adventure begun.



First, we officially made him an honorary International Police Task Force officer, pinning a badge and donning a blue peacekeeping beret on him. Once receiving the honors bestowed on him, he traveled with me and my staff of peacekeepers all over the world. He went proudly wearing the beret and badge to exotic places like: Nepal, India, Egypt, Greece, Kenya, Iceland and many other places.

Along the way he met ambassadors, police officers and families of my staff. Everywhere he went he was loved and we took lots of digital pictures.

After he returned back to Bosnia from each his adventures, I would send an email to my sonís teacher and class, a little story of his trip. I would include a little about the culture, the people he met and, of course, the pictures.

Mrs. Kasson, my sonís teacher, invited me and Flat Stanley to her class before the school year was out. There, I returned Flat Stanley and showed a Power Point presentation of all of his travels as a good will ambassador.




In closing, my youngest son is now in 6th grade and Iím about to depart on another International Peacekeeping Mission, to Iraq. I hope that my sonís school adopts the Flat Stanley project so I can use him, as I did in Bosnia, as an ambassador of goodwill and peace.

Very truly yours,

Harry J. Gillway

Chief of Police
Kearny Police Department
Police Advisory Mission to Iraq
U.S. Department of State



Hi Dale,

Here are a few more of FS with some peacekeepers in other countries. 

I have way too many pictures with Flat to share now.  He was a great travel companion for me and friends.  I alone, traveled to Greece, Germany, The Netherlands, Egypt, Israel and Croatia with him.  With my mission to Iraq, I hope to perhaps get schools there involved with Flat Stanley in an exchange with American children.  I firmly believe that once educated to the cultural diversities and respecting those differences, people wonít be as quick to hate one another.  The best way to do that is follow the laws of primacy with children ďThose things first taught are most rememberedĒ, Flat Stanley is a great ice breaker to help others (especially children) to know us better.  


In Egypt with an Egyptian Police Officer

With Princess Nas in Pakistan



With a Peace Keeper in Mystras, Greece.

In Hungary with Hungarian Police




My friend, itís been an honor to email you and be involved in your wonderful Flat Stanley Project.


Yours truly,


Harry J. Gillway  





Thank you for supporting the Flat Stanley Project.