Happy Thanksgiving!

Here are the Thanksgiving holiday adventure pictures we took of Helena with Flat Stanley. He was dressed as a princess (bet he wished he could slip under the door and escape that one!), dressed in jammies for bed (the cat jumped on his lap right before we began making pies) and dressed for Thanksgiving dinner (he's wondering where the turkey is)

Hope you enjoyed these too.


My daughter, Helena, who attends Steven's Elementary School of Burnt Hills, NY has participated this year in the Flat Stanley project through her 2nd grade class. Thanks to Helena's wonderful teacher and a terrificly talented sewing mom of one of her classmates, Helena was able to bring Flat Stanley home over this past Thanksgiving holiday. Helena, as well as the rest of our family thoroughly enjoyed his company. She wrote several pages (as opposed to the average few paragraphs) in the class' Flat Stanley Adventures journal about his Thanksgiving stay with our family. We were able to capture the memories on disk to share with friends and family.


Today, over a month later, we had a two hour school delay due to some heavy snow we received overnight. Helena, who was dressed and outside at 6:45 am, built a FLAT FROSTY for her first snowman of the year! This just goes to show how much of an impact Flat Stanley has made on her imagination!