Flat Stanley- Survivor!

Flat Stanley was sent to Washington, DC from Miss Johnson's 3rd Grade Class in Ridgefield, Connecticut.  There he met in person his favorite Survivor, Matthew Von Ertfelda.  Matthew had just returned safely from SURVIVOR:  THE AMAZON where he finished in the Final Two.  Flat Stanley asked Matthew a lot of questions.  What was it like to be chosen to be on the TV show? What was Matthew's strategy to win the game? How difficult was it to keep everything a secret when Matthew returned home, before the show was aired on TV?   Flat Stanley had his eyes wide open listening to Matthew's stories about living in the Amazon for 39 days, winning Immunity Challenges, going to Tribal Council, getting along with the other contestants, and what it was like to have to build shelter and go find water to drink and food to eat everyday.  Matthew had the time of his life living in the Amazon jungle with insects everywhere, heavy rainstorms and crocodiles, anacondas, and jaguars lurking nearby.  And meeting Matthew was a highlight of Flat Stanley's trip to D.C.

From the Aunt of a 3rd Grader!

P.S. I loved doing this project for my niece.


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