Flat Stanley Went to a Sugarbush In Southern Ontario, Canada

Submitted by Dale Hubert


Hayden sent me a Stanley from Montgomery. Alabama and I took him, along with some other Stanleys,  to where maple syrup is made.  We went on March 27 and there was still some snow, but it was melting fast.
First the farmer has to tap the trees.  The means a small hole has to be drilled and a spout called a spile is inserted.  The sap runs out into the buckets.  The sap looks like water but has a slight sweet taste.  The Native Canadians used to call it "sweetwater."  After many hundreds of buckets are collected, the sap is boiled.  The water slowly evaporates and the maple syrup is left.


Stanley should be careful around the buckets.  He's lucky the sap wasn't running.


He went for a wagon ride through the maple forest.  The horses had never seen a flat person before.



Stanley saw where the sap gets boiled.  The sap gets turned into maple syrup and maple candy in all different sizes.


But the best part was eating the maple syrup when it was poured over pancakes!



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