Dogsled in Antarctica

         Thanks!  My first grade is doing a Flat Stanley project and we use your website!  It is incredible.  Thanks for setting it up- I believe my class has learned a great deal this year!  Our goal was to send Stanley to all seven continents.  He has made it to two, we made a twin Stanley when the opportunity arose for him to visit Antarctica.  A student's parents in my class are scientists and had a friend, Dan, going there to do research.  So I jumped at the chance to send Stanley along.  Stanley was in Australia though, so we did plan B and made a twin.  The twin should be coming back this month.
         The original Stanley has been to Europe and Australia.  We are awaiting his return so we can send him to South America and then to Asia.  There are now participating with classes in Africa, so I thought we would do your BWB idea.
Thanks again!
Maureen Harden