South China, Maine
Hi everyone just want to share with you my trip to Gino's Uncle Dwayne's and Auntie Debbie's house in South China Maine. I had a real good time. I hung out with The Three Yorkies they have Scout, Sierra and Digga..they are very nice dogs..then I got a little tired and took a nap with Frankie the cat.I played a game of pool with Uncle Dwayne and I beat him...went for a walk to feed the goat Buttercups with Auntie Debbie and really enjoyed that...going to do a little gardening today and get the flower beds ready for the summer...and then we went and for a walk to feed the chicken that was really really fun, because we got one egg that the chicken laid... oh yeah and also went for a ride on the Lawn Mower with Uncle Dwayne to clean up the yard and I tell you they have an awful big yard.
 I am glad that I had chance to travel to South China Maine for a visit I had a Good Time..Signed Flat Stanley