Smoked Milkfish

Process in making a smoked milkfish


  After we visit the ‘’ Tanjung ‘’ shop in Sidarjo and see the process of making milkfish, Mr. Flat Stenley, my friends and I, such as Seraphine, Lely, Eunnike, Andre Bayu, Rhein, Handita, with my teacher, Mrs. Maria.  We tried to make smoked milkfish with average utensils and produce good quality smoked milkfish.


I. Selecting the ingredients.

          In order to make smoked milkfish, we need raw material, such as fresh milkfish with a good quality.


II. Utensils.

1.     Knife.

Is used to clean up the fish’ scales,

dissect the fish and take out the intestine.


2.     Rice-straw.

Is used as the medium of burning and

smoking so the colour of the milkfish will

turn into light brown.


3.     Basin.

Is used to soak milkfish in salted water.


4.     Rice-boiler.

Is used to steam the milkfish after it is soaked in salted water.


III. Processing.

          Some ways to make smoked milkfish, such as:

1.     Clean the fish’ scales first.

2.     Clean out the intestines and clean the fish

by using water.

3.     Fill in the stomach with salt and spread

the body with salt.

4.     After that, put it on the plate.

IV. Smoking Process.

          After the milkfish have been cleaned and salted,

put it into the rice-boiler. In addition, before we steam it, we have to put rice-straw in the rice-boiler sufficiently under the milkfish. Thus, we placed it on the gas-fire for 30 minutes.

          After a few minutes of steaming, removed the milkfish from the rice-boiler and put it on the plate. The smoked milkfish is ready to eat.











V. Addition Ingredients.

          Smoked milkfish will be more delicious if we eat it with shrimp-jelly. Therefore, our teacher—Mrs. Maria teaches us how to make the shrimp-jelly.

1.     Grind chili and garlic together sufficiently.

2.     Mixed sugar and 1.5 spoon of ketchup and soy sauces.

3.     Mixed all the ingredients above together.



Created by :

Natalia Halim ( VI A )
Grade : 6th, SD kristen Petra 13,
Sidoarjo - Indonesia