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Great History Of  Bogor Botanical Gardens

Bogor Botanical Gardens founded on the 18 May 1817 by Pof.Dr.C.G.C.Reindwart, a national botanist of Germany. Initially s'Lands Plantentuin te Buitenzorg, becoming center of introduction various important aconomic crop of agriculture, coconut of sawit is one of the agriculture comodity wich was introduction of African West to Indonesia pass Bogor Botanical Gardens which finally become coconut maens of sawit South East around Asia Crop of  introduction other among others cacao, rubber, litchi, and quinnie. But don't all crops can growwith either in Bogor, especially crop coming from plateau,washence selected by appropriate orther location. This situation grow desire develop build great garden in various area which continue, isn't it.


Bogor Botanical Gardens located in town heart of  Bogor,  West Java around 60 km instruct South East of Jakarta, Republic of Indonesia, Capital City.


Specification Habitat

As great garden which have lowland wed habitat ype of Bogor Botanical Gardens lay in height 260 m of sea levet with dampness f air 50-80% and rainfall 3000-300 mm / year.

Amount of Collection

Broadly of areas around 87 great hectare, Bogor Botanical Gardens have plant collection a number of  13679 spesimen, grouped into 3441 type, 1265 clan and 220 family.

Place / Interesting Building

Besides tropical crop collection of Bogor Botanical Gardens also have some interesting historic building and places to be visited. So, enter especial spandrel of garden. Botanical Gardens of visible of Canary tree consecution side right and left planted around the environment. It was plant since on 1831, 1834, and 1835. It coming from Sulawesian and this Molucas generate impression of garden. And then Teysmann a formal dressy garden wich wake up by 1889 as appreciation to Johannes Teysmann, one of the great garden curator of Bogor wi many have masterpieces in the field of  'LANSEKAP' .There are many other interesting places that is Garden of Lebak Cactus, Astrid Street, as well as Monument of J.J.Smith, Hanging Bridge, Tree of Kalong, Holland Grave, and also Monument  Lady Raffles is place which seldom be over come off hand.

The Great Collection of  Bogor Botanical Garden

It has some interesting collections which enthused like Titan Arum flower.Flower with biggest bloom in this world of heigh can reach around 3 metres. When it blooms, it has some carcass aroma disperse so that invite insect to assist to pollination around 10.000 orchid spesimen collect great. Bogor Botanical Gardens presented at Home Orchid equiped by system of fogging as the regulator of them, there are Palm Tree, Crop of medichine, Scarce Fruit, Meranti, and Pore of Semar ,unique collection of King Tree and another, like Giant Excelsa, Amazona Victoria and Old Tree ike Teak Core and Randu, Progressively equip collection with exist.

We were stood beside the Trans Jakarta with Flat Stanley at The Jakarta Kota. Flat Stanley stood on the train.There is a Monument National (Monas) behind Flat Stanley. Flat Stanley had taken a photo with Trans Jakarta's driver.

We  arrived at Beos Railway Station. We are waiting the train for going to Bogor Botanical Gardens. at the train We are standing with train staff.........cherrrrs

We are ready to visit Lebak Sudjana Kasan Park


 We are ACTION  with student of Junior High School who spend their holiday in Bogor Botanical Garden FLAT STANLEY in front of Bogor President Palace

Flat Stanley style in one of river at Bogor Botanical Garden on Hanging Bridge With Flat Stanley under old Lychee tree With cool style under one of  special wood collection and have red trunk

Have unforgettable moment with foreign tourist from England Flat Stanley and us ,near Titan Arum location We are in beautiful garden and take a rest in there

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