Royal Oak Bookshop

Flat Stanley’s Visit

Royal Oak Bookshop
207 South Royal Avenue, Front Royal, Virginia 22630

Reduces, Reuses and Recycles!

Royal Oak Bookshop recycles any and all recyclable materials.
Your Flat Stanley found our blue recycle bin.

Royal Oak Bookshop reuses paper by cutting our used paper in to strips and writing on the back. Your Flat Stanley found this basket full of our special notepaper.

Royal Oak Bookshop recycles and reuses plastic shopping bags. Your Flat Stanley found our bags behind the counter.

Royal Oak Bookshop recycles paper products. Your Flat Stanley found our “paper’s bag” . This is where catalogs and junk mail is kept until recycle day.


Royal Oak Bookshop buys and sells used books. Your Flat Stanley helped Sharon buy some used books. He then browsed our children's used book section.


Royal Oak Bookshop reuses packing materials.
Your Flat Stanley met Willa Catter the bookshop cat.


Many of our fixtures at Royal Oak Bookshop are recycled.
Your Flat Stanley found two vintage display items.

Flat Stanley is ready to leave. Rosie gives him a special classroom gift. From all of us here at Royal Oak Bookshop, we are sending a $10.00 gift certificate for your class.


207 South Royal Avenue, Front Royal, Virginia 22630
Phone: (540) 635-7070   |   E-mail:

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