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Original Archived Picture Gallery

For years, this was the main Picture Gallery, and there are still some great pictures here, but I am switching to a Picture Gallery blog.

Visit the Flat Stanley Project Picture Gallery blog

How to Add Your Own Pictures
Flat Stanley sure gets around! This Picture Gallery has thousands of interesting images; so many, in fact, it's getting hard to organize them.
That's why people are now encouraged to upload them to the new Picture Gallery blog. Contact Dale Hubert for an account.

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Very Special Sightings

Jackie Chan Takes Flat Stanley to Hong Kong

Multi-Media Clips: Sound and Video

Happy Tenth Birthday to the Flat Stanley Project

Flat Stanley Mini Movie of a Hollywood Adventure-
Visit Mike Purl's Great Site

ATV News Program  (View the outstanding Video Clip)

Hurst Bean Company Visit

2006 Olympics in Turin

National Public Radio Interview (Wisconsin)
with Dale Hubert and Jean Feraca April 3, 2005 (one hour show!) Link

Wisconsin Visit by Joel Jarmel (Windows Media Player format)
Mrs. Elliott's 2nd Grade Class, Park Elementary

ABC Western Australia Radio Interview
with Dale Hubert, March 4, 2005 (Listen)

National Public Radio Interview (Washington, DC) 
with Dale Hubert, March 3, 2005 (Listen)

Flat Stanley in Flight (View the Video Clip)
Special thanks to Major Libby for flying with Flat Stanley in a B-1 at 45,000 feet

CBC Radio Report (Real Media format)   or   (MP3 format)  (Listen)

Flat Stanley Project Creator Wins Prime Minister's Award (Picture)

Flat Stanley Project Wins Childnet Award (Picture)



Afghanistan,     Afghanistan- Kandihar

Afghanistan- Robin Williams with a Flat Family

Airshow Pilot Jon Melby Alabama- Barb Schantz Travels with Flat Stanley (Added November 18, 06)
Alaska- Iron Dog Race (Link added February 28, 2007)   Alaska Visit with the Lowes (added March 23, 2008)
Alaska Ice Climbing (added April 1, 2008)
   Alcatraz Prison Alert, Nunavut,    Bathurst Inlet, Nunavut (added July 2006)
Alexander Graham Bell Site of Canada Altitude Differential- Space Station to Under the Ocean (added June 13, 2007)

American History Stanley
Amish (PowerPoint) Andalusia (Added November 20, 2006)
Animal Clinic Antarctica on a dog sled
Antarctica on the HMS Endurance
(text and image added May 16, 2007)
Antarctica on the HMS Endurance
(images added April 24, 2007)
Antarctica and Whale Bones
Antarctica with Penguins Architectural Site
Arizona at Cubs Training Camp Arizona with Bette (added April 27, 2008)
Arizona with P. Levy Arizona River Race
Arkansas- Jonesboro Arkansas- Ozarks
Atlantic Television News Program Atlanta
Australia- Toowoomba (added March 13, 2007) Aussie Adventure (Link to Sue Dietrich's site)
Australia Australia Blog
Australia- Mrs. Caratti's Class Australia- Link to Vicki's Blog
Australia Adventure from Chris Cann (added July 22, 2007) Australia - Perth and Karratha (added March 9, 2009)
Australia with a Goanna (added April 25, 2009) Austria and Hungary
Banff, Canada (PDF File, added November 19, 2006)  Barry Bennett 
Bathurst Inlet, Nunavut (added July, 2006) The smallest community in Nunavut- only 16 people!    Beach Walk Project (Link)
  Belgium - with Sinterklass (added December 6, 2008) Blarney Stone, Ireland
Blue Angel Flight (added March 15, 2008)
Blue Man and Stan Blue Angels (added May 21, 2007)
  Boise, Idaho (added March 16, 2009)  Bolivia
Boston -Link by David Bradford (added May 29, 2007) Brazil (Word.doc added April 19, 2007)
British Columbia    (PowerPoint) British Columbia, Canada (Comox)
British Columbia- Lt Governor (added March 3, 2008) British Columbia - Fort Langley (added April 22, 2009)
  Buenos Aires
 Buffalo Gap, Texas Bull Riders - PBR (added March 22, 2008)
Buzz Aldrin
Cajun Stanley

California - Amgen (added February 28, 2009)

California with Kathleen (link added April 5, 2009)

California- Laguna Beach     California- Los Angeles and Las Vegas

California- Sacramento and the Capital     California Vineyard

Children’s Hospital Central California (added February 3, 2009)

Golden Gate Bridge (added January 26, 2009)

Death Valley (Link)     Sacramento Kings Basketball

Camping in the California Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

Las Vegas

LA with Elise Tompson from the LAist

Natural Bridges Butterflies

San Francisco Bay with Dave (added March 31, 2009)

Tracy Family (added January 15, 2009)

 Calvin with FS (added April 4, 2009)   Canada- On the Land Project
   Camp Oasis in the Middle East Cancun
Carol the Fish Meets Flat Stanley Challenger Learning Center of Kentucky
Czechoslovakia, Prague (link added Feb 28, 2009) Chickasaw National Rec Area, Oklahoma (Link)
Chile- Arturo Prat monument (added May 22) Chile- Temuco
Chocolate Factory in Tampa, Florida (added June 3, 2007)

China - Fujian Tulou (added April 25, 2009

China- Great Wall         China- Guandong Province

China- Tiananmen        China- University in Beijing

China - Shanghai (added April 29, 2008)

Cincinnati- from Dori Lucas (added November 21, 2007)  CISV (Children's International Summer Villages)
  College Park Aviation Museum (added Oct 17, 2008) Colorado- Aspen (added February 9, 2007)
Colorado- Copper Mountain  (Added Feb 27, 2007) Colorado - Longmont (added April 8, 2009)
Colorado - Red Rocks Visit (added April 28, 2007)
Costa Rica Cuba
Czech Republic, Prague PDF Part 1(added May 9, 2007) Portugal, then back to Prague PDF (added May 9, 2007)
Delaware 500 and Florida (added march 4, 2008) Delaware Puppy
Denmark (added September 5, 2008) Denmark (added December 22, 2008)
Detroit Institute of Art (added March 21, 2008) Dinotopia Set
Disney Cruise Disney, MGM, Univeral
Disneyworld Disney for Thanksgiving 2007
Disneyworld and Universal Studios Djibouti, Africa
 Dr. Seuss Memorial
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada   Egypt (with Barbara Perkins, added January 14, 2007)
Egypt (with Dale Hubert) Egypt (from Thomasville, Georgia, added Feb 6, 2008)
  Empowering Youth (link added March 14, 2008)  Enigma and Katza with Flat Stanley
Epstein School Europe
Ferrari Factory  (added May 17, 2006) Ferrari Visit by Flat Zach (added November 15, 2007)
Fiji and Samoa (added June 14, 2006) Flamingo Gardens
Flat April Flat Don and Mary
Flat Fairies Flat Gracie
Flat Rachael Flat Stanley's Name Going to Mars
Flat Megan and the Skink Flat Stanley Project Wins an Award in Washington
 Flat Stephen Schueler Flatville (added April 13, 2008)
Fire Stations

Franklin, Tennessee          New Jersey

Firefighter Flat Stanley

Fire Chief Rita Hutcheson
 (added May 18, 2009)

Florida - Miami Metro Zoo (added March 31, 2009)

Florida to South America aboard the CSAV Hamburgo (added February 1, 2009)

Florida- with Uncle Ronnie (added March 1, 2009)

Florida - with Clark's Grandparents (added October 17, 2008)

Florida with Matheus (added March 9, 2009)

Florida- Gator Land (link)     Florida- Gulf Breeze Zoo

Florida- Jupiter on an Historic Tour     Florida- Key West Watching a Sunset

     Florida- Miami     Florida- Mimi and PopPop and the Coins

Florida- Palm Beach     Florida- Pirates!     Micco, Florida

Florida- Visiting from Colorado (added February 4, 2007)

Cape San Blas, Florida (added April 5, 2008)

Football Coach Urban Meyer (added August 23, 2008)

Fort McHenry (added April 27, 2008)

Paris (added March 14, 2009)

France and Italy          France          France (Link)

Holidaying in France (French version) PDF format            Holidaying in France (English version) PDF format

France and Belgium Bilingual Blog

Galapagos (added April 3, 2007) Galilee (PDF added February 17, 2008)
G. P.'s Flat Stanley Cartoon George Washington (added November 1, 2008)
Germany- Berlin (added February 10, 2007) Germany- Dresden International School
Germany- Heidelberg (added March 11, 2007) Germany- Flat Cady
Germany- Munich (added May 17, 2005) Ghana, Africa
Georgia - Masters in Augusta (added April 22, 2009) Georgia Voter (added November 7, 2008)
  Grammy Awards (added March 2008)  Greece- My Big Flat Greek Vacation
Green Bay, Wisconsin Greenwich
Guatemala Guam - Memory Lane (added January 15, 2009)
Haircut (added April 6, 2008)
Hawaii from Porterville, CA (added April 20, 2007)
Harvard School of Business (pdf file, October 21, 2006) Hawaii- with the Monk Family
Hawaii with the Zehngraff Family Hershey, PA
Helena and Yellowstone Park (link added May 17, 2009)
Heysham, UK HMS Endurance (added April 24, 2007)
Hockey- Ducks Win Stanley Cup (added June 7, 2007) Holland- Amsterdam
Holland, Michigan (Word Document added April 19, 2007) Holland Visit
Holland with Dora Anderson (Word doc added January 8, 2008) Holland - Amsterdam (added October 22, 2008)
Holly takes FS to Texas and DC (added November 1, 2008) Hoover Dam (added August 23, 2008)
  Horseshoe Curve and Disneyworld  Horse Clinic at San Luis Rey
 Hungary and Austria   Horseshoe Crabs (added June 3, 2007)

Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada

Hurricane Katrina Hits Louisiana Hurst Bean Company Visit (added March 17, 2009)
Illinois (added October 17, 2007)

India- Flat Stanley at the Taj Mahal          India- More Travels

 India - Kolkata (added September 24, 2008)

India with Nae (added April 25, 2009)

India with Gail Hayes (added January 10, 2009)

India with Andy (blog link added March 8, 2009)
Indiana- Flat Zach Visits California (added October 30, 2006)  Indiana (PowerPoint)
Happy 10th Birthday from Indonesia!
Aloe Vera and Strawa Ampera Bridge (added April 3, 2008) Arab Visit
(added November 16, 2007)
Austria Visit by Kuda Lumping
(added November 1, 2007)
Bali with Garry's Kuda Lumping
(added February 17, 2008)
Balikpapan Balikpapan Forest Banana Skin Painting
(added September 19, 2007)
Banda Aceh- Tsunami Bandung City  
Bandung with Binti
(added March 8, 2009)
Bandung with Syarina
(added March 8, 2009)
Barongko Cake
Baruadjak Farm Batik Cloth Craft Bogor Botanical Gardens
Budapest Visit
(added February 15, 2009)
Candied Sour Carambola Cassava Cow Stable
Cracker Factory
Crocodile Park Culinary Tourism (added Nov 7, 2008)
Dayang Sumbi'
(Added June 7, 2006)
Farming (added June 1, 2008)
Flat Asep's Adventures Flat Asep from 24 Senior High School Flat Angela
Flat Angela Gedung Sate Flat Angela Monument 0 km Flat Baco
Flat Borneo Flat Borneo 2 Flat Borneo 3
Flat Borneo 4 Flat Borneo 5 Flat Borneo English Debates
Flat Borneo School Anniversary Flat Chiquitta- Dancing Queen
(added May 21, 2006)
Flat Chef
Flat Den Bagus
(added June 3, 2006)
Flat Icchan and Acchan Flat Intang
Flat Kuda Lumping Flat Kuda Lumping Joined City Tour
(added November 16, 2007)
Flat Kuda Lumping visits Sulawesi
Flat Kuda Lumping visits Ranah Minang, West Sumatra (added May 21, 2006) Flat Ujang Flat Ujang Between Twins
Flat Welder Garden Galingale Rice
Galunggung Mountain
(added June 7, 2006)
Goa Jepang -Japan Cave
(added September 28, 2007)
Hallo from Rina
Italy Visit by Kuda Lumping (added September 5, 2007) Italy Visit by Kuda Lumping (added April 3, 2008)
Island of Panjalu Jakarta   Jogjakarta
(added March 20, 2009)
Java Jakarta High School Journey to Rajapolah
Kampung Naga Karangkamu Karawang
Karawang Mountains Karawang Town Karina's Holiday
Kuda Lumping and Angklung Kuda Lumping Cirebon,
(added May 22, 2006)
Kuda Lumping Holiday
Kuda Lumping Vacation Kuda Lumping Visited Tana Toraja Learning Mandarin
Lombok Island
(added February 15, 2009)
Making Bread Making Pokak Making Mosaic from Corn Pelt
(added March 8, 2009)
Ma Ku poh Temple Minister of the Environment Mojang - Jajaka competition
(added February 15, 2009)
Mount Tangkuban Perahu
(added February 28, 2009)
(added February 16, 2009)
National Education Celebration
Netherland Visit by Kuda Lumping
(added September 19, 2007)
Noodle Factory
  Nyi Iteung
(addded February 28, 2009)
Occupations for Kindergarten Students
Ora et Labora at Pamulang, Tangerang
 (added April 25, 2007)
Pangandaran, Places of Interest
(added February 9, 2009)
Planetarium and Museum 1 Planetarium and Museum 2 Plaza
Police   Pontianak with Sampe
(added February 15, 2009)
Puppet Show Reza's New Best Friend Sampe in Bandung
(added February 28, 2009)
Santa Ursula High School Salted Fish Tour Sankuriang Visit
(added May 17, 2008)
Saungujo Visit
(added May 17, 2008)
Saung Angklung Mang Udjo
School Visit Science Competition Science Centre
Science Assignment Sea Products, Siwalan Fruits
Singapore Visit,
(added Sep. 3, 2007)
  Si Panigaran (added May 17, 2008) Smoked Milkfish
Srikandi (added March 27, 2009)
(added March 20, 2009)
Story Telling Spain Visit
(added May 17, 2008)
Stanley's Kingdom (A Story and Play) Stones and Minerals Summary
Telukjambe Tea Plantation
(added September 28, 2007)
Tiwisada (First Aid)
Traditional Market Tugu Pahlawan- Historical Monument   Usro Visited Dufan
(added June 1, 2008)
(added December 24, 2008)
Trip to Turkey 2
(added December 24, 2008)
Trip to Turkey 3
(added December 24, 2008)
  Visitors from England
(added May 21, 2006)
 West Java Citibank Winner  The Winner
(Added February 15, 2009)
Iowa Speedway (added April 22, 2008)

Iraq- Baghdad        Iraq- Baquaba (added January 15, 2007)         In Iraq with Major Spiegel    

In Iraq with Captain Waite and Randy Wolfert    

In Iraq with Sgt Chester          In Iraq- in space (sort of)     In Iraq- it's FS, not GB     In Iraq with SSGT Taylor   

In Iraq with 1LT Larry B. Hicks      In Mosul, Iraq (Link)

USO Celebrity Tour        Baghdad Pilot's Mascot       With Jake's Cousin Neil

Iraq- Flat Stacey Visits Fallujah

Iraq - Habur Gate (added August 23, 2008)

Ireland Ireland
Ireland - Northern Ireland (pdf file added April 28, 2007)

Italy- Brescia Fire Department (added November 17, 2006)

Italy- The Ferrari Factory  (added May 17, 2006)

Italian American Sports Hall of Fame

Italy- from the travels of Brian Bennett and Carey Stewart

Italy- from the travels of Linda Hall & John Little

Italy- Sabrina's Flat Stanley sees Italy


Japan- Slideshow by Dale Hubert (August 2007)

Japan        Japan- Okinawa        Japan- Tokyo and Mt Fuji     Japan- Saitama (Powerpoint)

Kyoto with John Bush (added May 1, 2008)

Jordan with Queen Rania Abdullah & Mrs. Nazek Hariri
(added July 2008)
Jordan 2007 (added February 1, 2009)
Judo (added August 14, 2007)
Kacey Camp- actress (added March 15, 2008) Kachina Doll
Kansas - Flat Ana & Pirates (link added Dec 16, 2008) Kentucky
Kenya from Fremont  (PDF file added February 24, 2009) Kilimanjaro (added October 27, 2007)
Kilimanjaro (added October 6, 2008) Korea (added May 16, 2007)
Kuwait Kyrgyzstan (added April 20, 2008)
Lambs Lapland- with Santa Claus!

Liberty Bell and Pumpkin Chunkin Lisbon, Portugal PDF (added May 9, 2007)
London Bridge in Arizona
London, England (PowerPoint) Lord of the Rings- Sam
LUNAR SIX Postcard Lynn Johnston- For Better or For Worse comic strip
Machu Picchu (added January 21, 2007) Macomb, Illinois (added April 12, 2008)
 Maine, South China (added April 25, 2009)   Make A Wish Motorcycle Ride (Link)
 Malaysia- Melaka (added February 9, 2007)   Malaysia- Panang and Bangkok
Mali - Mamako (added May 2, 2009) Mardi Gras 2009 (added March 27, 2009)
 Manitoba, Canada (added October 15, 2007) Mars (Simulated Using Actual Images)
Mars Dream (added December 18, 2008) Maryland- Hancock (added February 7, 2007)
Massachusetts- Somerville Mayor of San Jose and Flat Stanley
Mecca (added March 8, 2009)
Mexico - the Alamo (added February 16, 2009) Mexico and IMA (added March 3, 2009)
Mexico Cruise (added June 19, 2007) Mexico and the Mayans
Mexico with Susan DiPrinzio (added August 29, 2007)   Mexico - good deed (added April 5, 2008)
Mexico - Little Miss Mexico (added February 15, 2009)  Mexico - Los Cabos (added March 23, 2009)
Mesquite, Texas
Michael Waltrip- Daytona 500 Winner Middle East
Michigan- Flat Vikhyathi (added November 17, 2006) Michigan- Mackinac Ice (added March 4, 2008)
Millie the Puppy Eats Zachary's Flat Stanley (PDF) (Added December, 2006) Missile Defense Shield Newsletter
Mississippi- Natchez Democrat Newspaper article (added Sep 7/07) Mississippi Blues (added November 29, 2008)

Click Here to Visit the Miscellaneous Picture Collection
(A bunch of great pictures that I didn't know where else to put them)
Montana - Yellowstone (added May 17, 2009)
Moon (simulated- 3D glasses optional) Motocross
Mount Everest Mount McKinley
Mount Rushmore
Mozambique Muscular Dystrophy Telethon
Museum of Modern Art (added April 12, 2007)
Kris Allen (added May 15, 2009)

John Butler (added December 3, 2007)

Vin Garbutt
  Tom Goss (added April 5, 2009)

Demi Lovato (added October 2, 2008)

Acoustic Eidolon (added march 17, 2008) James Gordon 

Amy Grant and Vince Gill (added June 6, 2006)

George Jones

James Keelaghan (added November 23, 2006)

Christine Lavin

Dave Matthews 

Eric Nagler 
Willie Nelson Tom Paxton
Reba (added May 16, 2008) Don Ross
Pete Seeger Little Steven
Josh Turner (added April 23, 2007) Carrie Underwood in Iraq (added January 2, 2007)
Jordan Pruitt (added October 2, 2008)
Rufus Wainwright (added November 14, 2008) Mark Wills (added March 10, 2007)
Nebraska- Football (added February 28, 2007) Nebraska - Swim Championships (added March 3, 2008)
Netherlands- Roermond (added December 11, 2006) Netherlands - Zwolle (added April 23, 2008)
 New England Adventure (Link to Samantha's page) New Hampshire - Jordan (added September 3, 2008)
New Hampshire Visit (PowerPoint) New Jersey, Saint Denis School (Powerpoint) (added March 27, 2007)
New Orleans (Powerpoint added April 25, 2009) New Orleans Mardi Gras
New York City (January 2004) New York City Booklet
New Mexico - Portales (added September 3, 2008)
New York Subway Adventure New York City Visit
New York City with Grandma Micki (added January 8, 2008) New York and Connecticut with Jennifer Frentress
New York City (added May 16, 2008) New York FDNY Memorial (added December 1, 2007)
New York City for Morgan (added October 7, 2008) New York Video by Shannon Conboy (added April 26, 2009)
Newsweek.com New Zealand Sign Post
New Zealand (added February 8, 2007) New Zealand (Aukland) (added February 27, 2007)
North Carolina - for Fabian (added Oct 18, 2008) North Carolina- Power Point (added Oct 22, 2007)
North Carolina- Power Point (added Feb 23, 2008) Norway (added February 25, 2007)
University of Notre Dame Nunavut- Alert,      Bathurst Inlet
Oklahoma City Zoo Bamboo (added June 1, 2008)
 Oman Olympics 2006
Oregon - Astoria with Bill Clinton (added May 13, 2008)
Oregon Beach

RMC (Royal Military College)

Ontario- Dublin     Ontario- Hawk Cliff

Ontario- Jay Campbell, Meteorologist, New PL, London

Ontario- Kleinburg

Ontario- Jumbo the Elephant Statue in St Thomas

Ontario- London Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco

Ontario- Niagara Region with Flat Lindsay

Ontario- Ottawa

Ontario Premier Dalton McGinty and Minister of Education Gerrard Kennedy

Ontario- Sugarbush near London

Ontario- Toronto Hockey Game

Pakistan Exchange Panama (added August 18, 2007)
Papua New Guinea Pat Green and Flat Stanley
Peace Corp- Ukraine (Powerpoint) (added Feb 4, 2007) Peace Corp Flat Stanley (added Feb 4, 2007)
Peace Corp for Eric (added Feb 4, 2007) Peace Corp for Joey (added Feb 4, 2007)
Pensacola Naval Air Station Pepsi Birthplace
Philippines Visit Philippines with Michael's Tricycle (added Feb 7, 2008)
Pittsburgh with Major Sargent (added April 6, 2009) Pittsburgh with Nasa (added April 9, 2009)

President Barack Obama (added April 15, 2009)

Vice President Joe Biden (added April 29, 2009)

The First Lady of Arkansas (added December 21, 2007; updated April 29, 2009)

Governor Mike Beebe of Arkansas (added March 13, 2008)

Hillary Clinton (added March 13, 2008)

Bill Clinton (added May 12, 2008)

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (added December 14, 2006)

George Stephanopoulos (added April 12, 2009)

Bob Woodward (added April 29, 2009)

Governor of Louisiana, Kathleen Babineaux Blanco (added January 2, 2008)

Governor's Mansion in Arkansas (added December 21, 2007)

Prime Minister Stephen Harper (added July 23, 2007)

Assemblymember Bonnie Lowenthal (added February 28, 2009)

Attorney General, Thurbert Baker for the State of Georgia (added Oct 18, 2008)

Member of Parliament for Churchill Manitoba (added October 14, 2007)

Senator Joseph Lieberman (added May 30, 2007)

Governor Jim Gibbons of Nevada (added May 5, 2009)

Minister of the Environment, Indonesia

Mayor Bloomberg

Ontario Premier Dalton McGinty and Minister of Education Gerrard Kennedy

Prime Minister Martin's Site with Flat Stanley

Prime Minister Martin and FS in the Globe and Mail

President and Mrs. Clinton

President Bush with Flat Stanley

President Bush's Inauguration

Colin Powell Takes Stanley Travelling

Congresswoman Lois Capps

Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush

Governor of Georgia, Sonny Perdue

Governor of New Jersey, Jim McGreevey

Governor of New York, George Pataki

Governor of Tennessee, Phil Bredesen

White House Visit (added November 29, 2008)

White House Visit

White House Easter Egg Roll (added March 25, 2008)

PhotoParade Slides Pickerington Newspaper
Portugal, Lisbon PDF (added May 9, 2007) Portugal, then back to Prague PDF (added May 9, 2007)
Prague, Czech Republic PDF Part 1 (added May 9, 2007) Prague, Czech Republic PDF Part 2 (added May 9, 2007)
Predators NHL Playoff (added April 21, 2008)
Quebec- Trois-Rivi�res (added April 23, 2007)
Ramstein Air Base in Germany
Raptors (Birds of Prey) Reenlists in the Army
Robin Bell (added January 2007)
Royal Australian Air Force Royal Oak Bookshop
Saint Lucia dress from Sweden
Saint Paul Winter Carnival San Francisco (PDF)   San Francisco (HTML)
Scotland Seattle
Shanghai (Powerpoint added April 22, 2008) Shea Stadium
Shanghai (added November 1, 2008) Skydiving with Mike Toombs (added April 30, 2008)
 Singapore  (added April 5, 2007) Soccer Players (Josh Gros and Jeff Carroll) (added June 5, 2007)
South Carolina - Gator Lunch! (added Feb 28, 2009) South Carolina (Fort Mill) (added January 27, 2007)
South Carolina- Valerie Whiteman in South Carolina (PDF) added Nov. 5/06
South Pole building the IceCube Neutrino Observatory (added December 27, 2006)
Southwest USA Superbowl
Surgery at Saint James - John W. Albrecht Medical Center (Nov 26/06)
Space Shuttle and NASA

Buzz Aldrin

International Space Station to Under the Ocean (added June 13, 2007)

NASA - Saturn Rockets,     Kennedy Space Center,     Space Shuttle "DISCOVERY"

NASA- Marshal Space Flight Center (Link)     Lockheed Martin- MMU

Space Center in Florida (added May 11, 2008)

Stockholm, Sweden
Skokie Public Library (Link) Sri Lanka
Supreme Court Justice Scalia (added May 30, 2007) Switzerland
Taipei, Taiwan Tattoo in Toronto (added June 7, 2007)
Taylor's Flat Stanley Trip Tracy Family Day in the Life (Feb 1, 2009)
Turkey- Blue Mosque
TV Shows, Celebrities and Athletes

Clint Eastwood at the Academy Awards, 2005

Diane Sawyer (added April 29, 2009)

Dr. Phil (added May 14, 2009)

Bob Woodward(added April 29, 2009)

Kris Allen (added May 15, 2009)

Brian Jordan and Ed Hartwell (added February 4, 2009)

NY Giants (added November 30, 2008)

Little Miss Mexico (added February 15, 2009)

Demi Lovato (added October 2, 2008)

Tomie dePaola, author and illustrator (added November 7, 2008)

Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals (added December 15, 2008)

Katie and Karleigh Santry(added October 2, 2008)

 ATV News Program

Brett Farve

Buzz Aldrin

Bill Nye, the Science Guy (Added May 13, 2008)

Emmanuel Lewis who played Webster (added Oct 18, 2008)

Sarah Fisher (added May 25, 2008)

Colin Farrell (added April 22, 2008)

Dhani Jones, #57 (added January 12, 2008)

Washington Redskins Cheerleaders (added January 14, 2008)

Pete Rose and Flat Stanley

Ann Curry of the Today Show

Sam "The Hobbit" Sean Astin

Phoenix Suns Basketball Players

Clay Aiken and Flat Stanley     Dukes of Hazzard


EZ Rock's Stu and Colleen in the Morning (added December 23, 2007)

Fenway Park
(added April 5, 2009)

"Fox News"

Jack Nicklaus (added May 11, 2007)

   Jackie Chan (added February 15, 2007)

Jay Campbell    

John Lithgow (added March 21, 2008)

"John Boy" Richard Thomas    Jon Stewart

Mario Andretti

Matt Kenseth, NASCAR Champion (Added January 18, 2007)

Mike Wallace and Brian Sullivan

Museum of Modern Art (added April 12, 2007)

Muhammad Ali     NBC's Today Show

Nebraska- Football (added February 28, 2007)

"Nip/Tuck"         Noah Wyle (added March 29, 2008)

Regis       Robin Williams      Rosie O'Donnell

SJ Sharkie, the San Jose Sharks Hockey Team Mascot

Snoopy's Home Ice     "Survivor"

Tesoro Iron Dog Race in Alaska (Link added February 28, 2007)

"The West Wing"       "Third Watch"

The Undertaker (added April 5, 2008)

Football Coach Urban Meyer (added August 23, 2008)

Wendy Rieger (added May 30, 2007)

"Who Wants to be a Millionaire"      Willie McCovey


Tennessee- Nashville and Titans (added May 21, 2006) Tennessee Titans Coach
Tennessee Images from Deanne Ray (added April 18, 2007) Tennessee- Manchester Public Library (added April 26, 2007)
Texas Adventure from Jeffrey Clark (PDF file) Texas Ranger Hall of Fame
Texas Trip with Sandy Bush (link added March 25, 2008) Texas University Football Field   (added March 20, 2007)
Thailand (added March 31, 2007)
Thanksgiving Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest
Tibet Tikal, Mayan pyramids in Guatemala (added December 8, 2007)
Tioga County Historical Society
Trevor's Flat Stanley (added January 21, 2008) Turner Field in Atlanta
U2 Spy Plane and with a Camel Ukraine- Peace Corp(Powerpoint) (added Feb 4, 2007)
UN Peacekeepers University of South Carolina Aiken
US Geological Survey in Arizona University of Georgia
USS Germantown (added April 10, 2008) USS Honolulu
 USS Lexington Picture Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, England (added April 29, 2008)
Veterinarian Clinic Vietnam (added April 1, 2008)
Volcano Voting in Illinois
Walerius Family Wales (added July, 2007)
Walt Disney (added December 15, 2008) Walt Disney World (added May 1, 2007)
Washington, DC (Link) Washington, DC- Childnet Awards
Washington DC Visit (added February 22, 2009)
Weather Reporter West Point
Wicked - Backstage at the Musical (added Feb 17, 2008) Wooden Shoe
World Travels World Travels with Flat Kathryn (link added March 11, 2008)
ginsberg.marc@gmail.com Zambia

Pictures from Schools

PS 95Q Eastwood School in Jamaica N.Y.
Woodbrook Elementary, NJ (added April 9, 2009) Terrace Bay Public School, Ontario (added Feb 1, 2009)
Ms. Allen's 3rd Grade Class (added December 13, 2007) Brownridge Public School (added April 22, 2008) 
Flat Michael's Adventures (added May 8, 2008) Coram Deo Christian Academy (added May 19, 2008)
Ms. McCullough 1st Grade Deaf Education (added May 19, 2008)
Flat Teacher (added July 28, 2007) Mrs. Tiller's Flat Stanley (added October 2007)
Mrs. Heimark's Class (added March 2, 2007) Ms. Alioth's Class in College Park, GA (added March 3, 2007)
Salem Middle School (added May 13, 2007) Benjamin's Adventure (added May 24, 2007)
Byron Somerset  London, Ontario, Canada (2005 - 2006) Byron Somerset  London, Ontario, Canada (2006 - 2007)
Willards Elementary (added April 11, 2007) Liberty Oaks Elementary (added June 6, 2006)
Mr. Kitchen's Travels with Flat Stanley Ms Miller's Class in Texas (added May 23, 2006)
Ms. Salazar's and Ms. Griffin's Class Mrs. Jenkin's Class

Mr. Hubert's Class at Wilfrid Jury School

Staunton Montessori School in Virginia
Mrs. Killen's Class (Link)

From Colombia, South America

Kelli Ramirez's Grade 4 Wadsworth School

Heidi Syversen's Kindergarten Class

Mrs. Weitzenkorn's Class

Mrs. Schmid's Class

Linden, NJ

Mrs. Bell's Class

Flat Stanley Thanksgiving

Mrs. Hodges' and Mrs. Smith's Classes

Mrs. Kurz's Grade 2 Class

Mrs. West, Jackson, MS

Wenzel School in Michigan 
(check out the snow!)

Ms. Slater's Class in California

St. Francis School

Ms. Ferguson's Class West View Elementary in Muncie, IN
Ms. Cargill's Class from Australia The kindergarten class at St. Francis in Jefferson City
Mrs. Vail's Class from Texas Alhambra School, California

Breckon School in Burlington

International School, Bangkok

St. Andrew's Hundred Day Logansport Century Career Center
Franklin, CA

Nokomis Elementary in Holbrook, New York

Ms. Eure's Class from Blythewood, SC Elmwood School
Webster Elementary Action Jackson and KrispyKreme
Mrs. Silver's Class Mrs. Powers' Class
Wisconsin Homeschool Hazel Dell Elementary
Winchester Public School Mrs. Staars' Kindergarten 


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