Oregon Beach

March 2, 2004

Dear Mrs. Colhour and Children,
Thank you for letting Flat Stanley visit us at the Oregon beach. Stanley wanted to see everything, and we had a hard time keeping up with him. We wanted Stanley to see how beautiful the beach, which is by our house, is. He wanted us to take pictures of him on the beach. He even climbed out on some big rocks, out in the Ocean, so that he could send you a scary picture.
Flat Stanley and our family, Sydney, Brooklynn, Grandma Donna and I took Stanley to see the Tillamook Dairy, the Tillamook Museum, the Tillamook Air museum the Blue Heron Cheese Company and even to a farm. At the end of the day, all Sydney and Brooklynn and Flat Stanley, wanted to do was play on the swing set. Everyone had a wonderful time.
We ended his trip by taking him to a couple of the town that are near Tillamook. You can see him waving at you from Garibaldi and Oceanside and Netarts. Looking at the towns wasn’t as much fun, said Flat Stanley, as playing an the beach. So we let him go back to the beach near where we live. It is rocky at this beach, because it is really on a bay. The bay is called Netarts Bay. Stanley had one last picture and then had fun throwing rocks out into the bay with Sydney and Brooklynn. But finally we all had to say good bye to Flat Stanley because he hold us he missed his friends at school.
We are sending the pictures of Flat Stanley to you, Mrs. Colhour, so that you can take them to school and show them to your students. Sydney and Brooklynn want to thank your students for letting Flat Stanley spend some time with us. I, also, want to thank you. Flat Staley was very good, while visiting us. He can come back when ever he wants.
David & Donna Handler and Sydney and Brooklynn





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