Hi Dale:
My son, Dean, received Flat Lindsay in the mail from Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Lindsay is my cousin’s daughter, second-cousin to Dean I think!  Both Dean and Lindsay are 8 years old.
Lindsay’s and her classmates each made flat images of themselves and sent them to whomever they wanted – with a few instructions on having fun and journaling about their adventures!  Attached are some pictures we had fun taking.
Thorold Hawkee:  Hawkee the mascot for Thorold’s Triple A team, Thorold Blackhawks, held Flat Lindsay up for a picture.  Dean’s Tyke team played for the crowd between 1st and 2nd period.
Swimming Lessons:  Dean took Flat Lindsay to one of his Aquaquest Level 5 classes.
Mom’s Work:  I work at Niagara College – one of 23 colleges in Ontario – Flat Lindsay had to visit there, too!
Lock 7:  The Niagara Region has a canal system to get large ‘laker’ ships from Lake Ontario to Lake Erie and back.  Flat Lindsay had to visit the canal!
American Falls:  Niagara Falls is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.  The American side has a small area of waterfalls so we thought we should get a picture in front of it along with the next picture.
Canadian Falls:  This picture shows the Canadian Falls in behind Dean and his four-year old sister, Jena!
Keep up the good work!  Michelle



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