Okinawa, Japan

Dear Chelsey and Classmates,


Well, for those of you who don’t know, Chelsey sent me to Okinawa, Japan to her Aunt Jana’s house all the way from Ms. Mello’s class at Mary Finn Elementary School in Southborough, Massachusetts. I arrived in Okinawa, Japan through the Military Post Service to your Aunt Jana in Okinawa. She is a counsellor at an Elementary school here in Okinawa. The school is for children of Marines stationed here.

Okinawa is part of Japan now, but has influences of many culture including Japanese and Chinese. The island is only 60 miles long and 5miles wide at it wide part.

I arrived at the perfect time here. It was Spring Break and all the students where out for an entire week! I had lots of fun playing with Chelsey’s cousins, Carrie, 12 and Tommy, 4. The family lives off base and has many Japanese neighbors. Here is cousin Tommy letting me out of my envelope.

This picture is right in front of their house on the seawall. You are looking at the East China Sea. They get many strong typhoons here and many times get out of school for them. Normally, you can find surfers and divers in the ocean off the wall. Here I am with cousin Tommy.

I also got to go riding with your cousin Carrie at one of the few Japanese riding stables on the small island. Here is a picture of Carrie and me riding.

Carrie’s riding teacher decided to show me how to jump a horse. I am attached to her helmet below. Claudia took me through a double jump on a horse named Makota. It was very scary, but she’s a great rider.

Everyone drives on the left side here. Your Aunt Jana told me that this was hard for a day or two, but now she can drive just fine. Here I am driving on the left with Aunt Jana.


Another unique thing here in Okinawa are the drink machines. There are located on every corner. Even in our little neighborhood.

Stanley decided to cool off with a Japanese Green Tea drink. It was 80 degrees Fahrenheit today. This picture is of him enjoying the shade of a local blooming tree.

Here I am on a Shi Shi dog. There are two in front of every house here to bring good luck.

Well, it has been a long day and I’ve seen so much, but I need to jump back into my envelope and take a long rest all the way back to Massachusetts.

Take care, and see you soon!






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