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Original Stories I've Received So Far

New contributors are invited to add their stories to the Students' Stories Blog

(I don't plan on adding any more stories to the following section now that the new blog is set up for stories. Contact Dale Hubert with special requests.)

A Spooky Night
Haunted House
Stan and the Elephant
Stanley and the End of the School Year
The Lambchops Go To The Circus
Arthur Gets Flat
Too Many Fingers
Stanley Goes to Space
Flat Stanley Outdoors
Flat Stanley Outdoors at Night
In the Ice Age
Flat Stanley Gets Kidnapped
Flat Stanley in the Forest
Mr. and Mrs. Lambchop Go Flat
At the Zoo
Visit to Germany
An Invisible Friend for Stanley
Stanley and Dad's Adventure
Flat Stanley Goes to 5th Grade
Flat Stanley on Vacation
Flat Stanley, Matchmaker
Flat Stanley the Windsock
Flat Stanley
Lost in Space
Flat Stanley in St. Louis Stories
Stanley's Thanksgiving
Super Stanley
Michael and Stanley
Flat Stanley and the CIA
Mrs. Compton's Class
Flat Pirate Brooke and Nicholas  
Chloe's Story
Stanley Goes to Virginia   Floating Stanley

Stanley and Me by Jordan Disney World Flat Stanley and the Puppy

Stories from Indonesia

I've received so many stories from students in Indonesia that now they have their own section on the Flat Stanley Picture Gallery Blog

Stanley the Time Traveller
(Help Finish This Story)
Here's a great idea.  This story, Stanley the Time Traveller, was begun by a class in Ireland with the idea that another class should finish it.  That way this one story will have been written by students from different countries who have never met, but who collaborated to make a brand new story.
Dear Mr. Brown,
    Last week my reading class just finished reading Stanley in Space I love your books.  They are so funny.  My favorite book is Invisible Stanley.  The first Stanley book that my reading class read was Flat Stanley.
    I am writing you to give you ideas for your next book.  My idea is Stanley goes to Candy Land and he eats all the candy.  Then he gets sick of candy.
        Julia Garner
Dear Mr. Brown,
    I love your book because they are great, funny, and fantastic book.  You are a great authro.  My favorite book is Flat Stanley.
    I am writing to you to give you an idea for your next book.  Stanley should be on the Titanic.  It hits an iceberg and sinks.
Dear Mr. Brown,
    I like your books because they are really funny.  I hope you pick my idea because I think there should be a Hannukah story.  My favorite book is Flat Stanley.
    I think there should be Stanley trapped in a menorah.  Everybody in all the books come to visit!  All of them get in a fight.  Stanley and Arthur gets in a fight too.  The menorah broke Stanley was trapped in the menorah for 100 years.  The menorah had special powers.  Finally,  Stanley came out and he was 5 years old.  His parents were 50 years old.  The Genie could not get the specials powers.
Dear Mr. Brown,
    I love your books.  They are so funny.  My favorite book is Stanely in Space.  You have great ideas.  I like the Tyrrans.  They are so cute.
    I am writing to give you ideas for your next book.  I had an idea for your next book.  I think he should get flattened by a big pumpkin.
A Note from Charleston
Welcome to Charleston, SC, USA. We are returning to school August 12, 2002.   The weather will probably to rather hot as it is still summer in the south.  The average temperature is between 85-95 degrees. We will be wearing uniforms that are navy blue or khaki with navy, white or red collared shirts. Our day will begin at 7:40 and end at 2:20. From there many of us play soccer, as it is a very popular sport in our area. We may go to the beach after our homework because there are great beaches in this area. Sullivan's Island and the Isle of Palms. It will get dark about 8:45 pm, and not long after that most of us will read a good book and go to bed.
During the first week of school we will be reading about Flat Stanley and getting him and our journals ready to send off to far away places! We're so excited!
Second Grade
Jennie Moore Elementary
Mt. Pleasant, SC
Flat Stanley Spent Thanksgiving with Becca
(In Canada Thanksgiving is in October)
 Thanksgiving Weekend with Flat Becca
Saturday, October 7th, 2000
Flat Becca and I just got to my grandmother's house in Washago.  That is just near Orillia.  We have to go unpack.  Now that we are finished we are going to play on the computer while my sisters are watching TV. First we are e-mailing my teacher Mr. Hubert about all the fun that Flat Becca and I are going to have.  Then we are playing the game Edgy's Wedgy.  It's where you click everybody and give them a wedgy but not granny.  She will get mad and throw her purse at you.  When my cousins got here we went in the forest and got lots of Salamanders.  We went to read for a bit.  Then we got our P.J.'s on and went to sleep.
Sunday, October 8th, 2000
We just woke up and made Poppy (that is what we call my grandpa) a birthday card.  Then we ate some Corn Pops for breakfast.  My sisters and I got our haircuts then my sister Megan and I went down the rocky long driveway and collected leaves for the Thanksgiving table.  We gave them to Gubby (that's what we call my grandma) and put them into a vase.  We all got everything in place for the whole bunch of people to come over.  There were 24 plus Flat Becca for dinner.  The kids played outside and the game was hide and seek.  We had lots and lots of fun.
Monday, October 9th, 2000
We played some more on the computer and then we had to get packed up to go home.
 Well that is all for now,

Here's one from the children in 4F at St. Vincent's School, Ashfield, NSW, Australia
FLAT STANLEY, The First Day of School
 When Stanley Lambchop called our school to find out when the first day of school would be, he was shocked to learn that Australian children stal ’schoorun Febd Bry ansc†heir ea&ool y ić endsmbV December. He decided to have his first day of school in Sydney as soon as possible.  In the playground, Stanley asked Mele, Jack, Jason and Thomas why they were not on summer vacation. The children told him it was winter now and they would have summer vacation in December and January. Stanley thought this was very strange.
Stanley arrived for his first day at our school on the 10th of August. He was placed in Miss Flynn's class, 4F. His hair was combed neatly, and he wore a green shirt and blue pants. He also had on a nice tie.
All of the other children wore their school uniforms. The boys had navy blue pants, light blue shirts and navy blue ties. The girls wore navy blue dresses (jumpers) and light purple blouses. All of the children had big, round, navy blue hats.
Mukoma explained to Stanley that in Australian schools you have to wear a hat. The hat helps protect you from the sun. If you do not wear your hat, you will not be able to play at recess or at lunchtime; you will have to sit in a shady spot. The rule in Australian schools is "NO HAT. NO PLAY!"
 Stanley was given a seat next to Jessica. He was warned not to talk too much. Jessica loves to talk. She says, "God gave me a mouth and I use it a lot!" Jessica enjoyed sitting next to Stanley, but she thought he was too quiet. Flat Stanley fell off his chair once and everyone laughed, so did he.
Stanley spent some time studying for a spelling test. Usually we have a test on Friday, but this week we had the test on Monday. We were too busy last Friday to have the test. Stanley got 30 words for his spelling test and he got 30 words right. He did very well.
Stanley helped Vanessa, Kaye and Marianne trace a picture of a convict lady from the First Fleet on to a piece of paper. Stanley liked using the overhead projector to help draw pictures. Stanley asked his new friends why they were drawing convicts and soldiers. Frances explained that our theme this term is about when the Europeans first settled in Australia.
Stanley went out with Thomas to play at recess. First they talked to Sean and Elie. Then they went to a table and Stanley helped Thomas to finish his story for Mrs. Lockheart's contest. Thomas hopes his story will win a trophy.
At lunchtime, Stanley and Mukoma played soccer and their team won. Then Stanley and Gow went to Passive Play and made a puppet.
After lunch, Stanley helped Mariana read a label on a medicine package. They filled out the worksheet. Stanley was a great help. He also helped Warren find pictures of medicine boxes in magazines and Stanley found the first one. After he helped Warren, Flat Stanley sat quietly in his chair.
Father Phillip came in to say hello. Stanley got up and was introduced to Father Phillip. Stanley told Father Phillip about himself.
Constable John arrived for the "Police in Schools Program." It was several weeks since he was last here, so we asked him to look around and see if he could spot our new boy. Constable John picked Mukoma right away and then he noticed Stanley. We told him that Mukoma is from Zambia and why Stanley is so flat.
Mark leaves five minutes earlier than everyone else, so he said good-bye to Stanley and rushed off to meet his sister. All the children in 4F packed their bags and got ready to go home. Flat Stanley went home on the bus with Sean.
When Stanley and Sean got home, Stanley got friendly with Sean's brother. After that, they did some homework. Then Sean and Stanley watched some TV. Then they played a wrestling game with teddy bears. Stanley won, but he was almost beaten by T- Bone. After that, Sean showed Stanley his art work on the computer and then the boys went to bed.

Here's another
I just wanted to share this with you all.  Johnathan's third grade class read a story about Flat Stanley, and the things he got into because he could slide around.  Then the teacher sent home with each child a cut out FLAT STANLEY.   The children were to send their Flat Stanleys to a friend or relative who had the time to take Flat Stanley places and then they were to send postcards, or pictures, and a letter to the school telling of Flat Stanley's adventures.  Johnathan's came in last Friday, and included in his package was this letter (written by my niece Katie who is in 7th grade), two postcards of New York and a Yankee baseball cap.  Johnathan was so tickled.  All the children are starting to get their Flat Stanley's in at the school.  This letter my SIL emailed me is the one sent to Js School.  It is hilarious.  Enjoy!!!!!     Sally
Flat Stanley's Adventures

Day 1:  I arrived in Charlotte today, a bit stiff from being in the envelope all day, and looked at my new surroundings.  I was in the home of the Sample's, Aunt Mary, Uncle Wade, Wade, Bryan, and Katie all who are Johnathan Keaton's cousins.  I found myself quite comfortable on the couch and went to sleep.

Day 2: I awoke early today, as everyone was getting ready for school and work.  Uncle Wade told me I would be going to New York tomorrow with him on a business trip.  I was thrilled not only did I get to see the Queen City (the nickname for Charlotte in case you didn't know what it was like I did) but the Big Apple too.  This was to good to be true! I prepared all day for my trip.

Day 3: Here I am peeking out of the carry on bag.  I hear we are almost in New York and I see the skyline.  It is beautiful, except for the fact that there are no Twin Towers.  I myself a big baseball player and fan just like Johnathan can't wait to see Yankee's stadium.  We finally land and catch a cab to the hotel.  I'm tired from my travels I'm going to bed early.

Day 4:  Today Uncle Wade is going to a meeting all day so I get to hang around the hotel.  The Plaza is awesome!! It is just like Home Alone.  I was locked in my room, but hahaha Uncle Wade forgot I could slide under the door.  So I did and explored New York.  First stop FAO Swartz.  Toys, toys, and guess what, more toys.  It wasn't open yet but again I slid under the door~ isn't it great to be that thin?  I had so much fun.  I played with Nerf guns and other things.  Then the people came and I got stepped on so I decided to leave and go back to the hotel.  I ordered room service and ate all day till Uncle Wade came back.  AND GUESS WHAT HE HAD!!! YES THAT'S RIGHT YANKEE TICKETS. Yes the New York Yankees.  I was thrilled

Later that night at Yankee Stadium: Uncle Wade said for staying in the hotel all day and being good (ha shows how much he knows hehehe) that I could get a Yankee hat for you and me.  I got the best ones for us.  The game was a total blast~ I loved it, Johnathan you should have been there.  Well I brought you two post cards and the hat.  Oh yeah and I was wearing you hat around and someone accidentally pushed me into a mud hole (they claimed they didn't see me)~ sorry I would let you have mine but I don't think it will fit you.

Day 5: Flew back to Charlotte. 

Day 6-7: Relaxed and Enjoyed Charlotte (well that's what they think hahah)
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