September 14, 2005


Hello. My name is Ellen Sandoval. I am a Quality Analyst for Product Assurance & System Safety for Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company, located in Littleton, Colorado.

Flat Stanley came to visit me at the Waterton Facility where we design, engineer, build and test rockets that will eventually fly spacecraft into orbit or outer space. Flat Stanley was nice enough to help me inspect the RD-180 engine on the Atlas V AV-010, which is the rocket that will fly NASAís New Horizons spacecraft into space early in 2006. This craft will fly to Pluto to explore the distant planet and itís moon, and then fly on to the Kuiper Belt.

We had an enjoyable day. The weather in Colorado is changing, and thereís a distinct taste of fall in the air. Our higher elevations received snow during the night!

I was glad to have Flat Stanley visit. Enjoy the photo enclosed, as well as the photo of the Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU), signed by Bruce McCandless, who is the astronaut who flew the MMU (he works here as well). The MMU was built by engineers here at Lockheed Martin. Hope Flat Stanley can come back sometime!



Ellen E Sandoval

Product Assurance & System Safety

Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company