created by Dale Hubert
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Flat Stanley Multi-Media

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The song you're hearing now is The Adventures of Flat Stanley (Audio- M4a Format)
by The Piano Man, aka Tim Williams
Check out his site for more songs!


Flat Stanley's Hollywood Adventure by Mike Purl  Excellent!

Flat Stanley on a Hollywood movie set
Flat Stanley by Bruce Dallas (

The Flat Stanley Theme Song by Bob Polito
We are a third grade class at Rose Warren Elementary School in Las Vegas, Nevada.
My students are continuing to make Flat Stanley travel videos and we will have many more posted this year.

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New York Video by Shannon Conboy
(link added April 26, 2009)
Western Australia Interview with Dale Hubert, March 4, 2005
  Flat Stanley in Flight
Special thanks to Major Libby for flying with Flat Stanley in a B-1 at 45,000 feet



ATV News Clip (With major TV and musical celebrities)


  National Public Radio Interview (Washington, DC) 
with Dale Hubert, March 3, 2005


National Public Radio Show, Here on Earth,
Interview with Dale Hubert, April 3, 2005


  Wisconsin Visit by Joel Jarmel (Windows Media Player format)
Mrs. Elliott's 2nd Grade Class, Park Elementary



Listen to Laura Read her Flat Stanley Letter
(Audio- MP3 format)


  CBC Radio Report
(Real Media format)
   or   (MP3 format)


Listen to Rebekah read her Flat Stanley Story
(Real Media format)


  Listen to Samantha read her Flat Stanley's Christmas Adventure
(Audio-MP3 format)


Flat Stanley helps to Build an Ambulance