We are a family from Canada living and working in Mozambique.  We are homeschooling our children and have included Flat Stanley as part of our curriculum this year.  After registering on your site we have had 10 Flat Stanley's visit us from around the world in the last 2 months and approximately 50 additional requests.  Here are some of the pictures.
It has been a great experience.  Congratulations on your award - it is truly a worthwhile project.  As a teacher and a mother I see many values in this project.  I am sure you are aware of all of the.  For us the added benefit of receiving new and interesting mail in our remote location has added to the pleasure in the endeavour.
If I had one request it would be that clearer instructions are given to people who are browsing the site asking that people are certain that they contact people prior to sending their flat stanleys.  This would help them to be sure that the people are not overwhelmed with Flat Stanley projects at that time.
Congratulations on a job well done.
Karen Braun