Mesquite, Texas

Connor sent me to his Uncle Dan, Aunt Gina, and his cousin Abby.  They live in Mesquite, TX.  Thatís right by Dallas, TX.  Their house is out in the country, so I got to do some neat things while I was there. 
Abby likes to explore outside, so she took me on a hike.  We found the railroad tracks and she showed me how to put coins on the tracks and wait for a train to come by.  After a train passed, we went back to the railroad tracks and all of my coins were FLAT just like me!!!!  I put them in my letter, so youíll have to check them out!  I also got to play in the tree house.  That was fun.  One of my favorites was playing hide and seek from all of the dogs and cats that live there.  In one of the pictures, you can see that I stayed VERY still because I thought the cat was going to mistake me for a bird! 
Speaking of birds, I got to go to the airport and meet a lot of the pilots that teach people how to fly airplanes!  It was so cool.  They took me all around on a golf cart and showed me the planes.  When they caught me trying to sneak a ride on the outside of the plane, they said I probably should just ride IN one not ON one J  The cockpit was so neat.  I didnít know they had so many controls.  I thought it was hard learning to play Nintendo, so I think it may be awhile before I try flying a plane!
My aunt goes to college in downtown Dallas.  She let me go with her to school and meet all of the student nurses.  One of the ladies pushed me around in a wheelchair and some others let me be their patient!  Iím glad they werenít studying shots that day!
When we were downtown, I got to meet a real nice policeman.  His name was Officer Gentry and he was a mounted police officer.  That means he rides around on his horse instead of driving a police car.  I got to pet his horse and he even let me get my picture made with him.
My very, very, very favorite thing was PLAY IN THE SNOW!  It doesnít snow very much in Dallas and I was lucky enough to be there when it did.  I wore earmuffs made of cotton balls to keep my ears warm.  We built some snowmen.  Then we got a skateboard and took the wheels off, so we could snowboard down these really big hills.  I got my picture made after someone threw a MONSTER snowball at me! 
Well, I am ready to fold myself up and make it back to Connorís class.  I had fun in Dallas, but Iím ready to get back to all of you in Miss Cashdollarís first grade class at Stewart Creek Elementary School in Montgomery, Texas!  See you at school J



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