While I was staying at Jessica Rees’ grandparents house I had a exciting dream - in color. I dreamt that I traveled to the planet Mars to visit the NASA Exploration Rover, Spirit.Spirit is a robot that was sent to Mars on a big rocket to look for signs of life. And also to study the rocks and soil and look for water that might have been there many, many years ago - even before Jessica’s Grandma and Grandpa Rees were born. Spirit is also there to prepare for astronauts to go there someday.

I just wanted to kick some sand on the robot - all in fun of course.

Mars is the fourth planet from the sun and is almost as big as Earth. It gets super cold at night on Mars and there is no food or water, plants or animals, or good air to breathe. But, as even a little first-grader knows, dreams are like cartoons - anything can happen and still things always go the way you want them to (hey, this is starting to remind me of me). So, since this was just a dream, I didn’t have to wear a spacesuit or explain how I traveled there.

There was ONE thing I had to be very careful about though. Spirit has cameras to send pictures back to Earth and I had to hide from them. Why? Well, don’t you think that if a camera took my picture, and sent it back to Earth, it might surprise and scare the people?

Maybe we had better not show this picture of me on Mars to anyone. Let it be our secret.

Flat Stanley