Dear Dale Hubert,

I would like to say thank you to Citigroup Success Fund from CITIBANK that finally I won fund 5 millions rupiahs in applying for this Flat Stanley project, so I could bring 35 students and 10 teachers visiting 5 cities in West Java.

We name our project The adventure of Flat Asep. Asep is a popular name for sundanese young boy in Bandung, our city. Asep means a handsome boy. He is wearing a sundanese traditional costume

The Mayor of Bandung (Mr. Dada Rosada), the Head of Tourism and Culture in West Java (Mr. Budhyana), the head of education in bandung, Mr.Edi Siswandi supported this project and some Indonesian Ministers such as Indonesian Educational Minister (Mr.Bambang Sudibyo), the Minister of Indonesian Trade (Ms. Mari E Pangestu) has known Flat Stanley Project. You can see them holding Flat Asep.

The Adventure of Flat Asep will promote tourist objects such as popular tourist spots, Special foods, fruit, handy crafts from five cities; Bandung. Bogor, Purwakarta, Garut and Tasik.

I would like to say thank to Dale Hubert who will publish it. Flat Stanley project is one of favourite project at my school. Students can share many things in this project. I really appreciate to Dale Hubert who had a great idea. I will share it to other teachers in West Java too. Flat Stanley will be popular in our city I guess.

Best regards,

Dedeh Suatini
English teacher at SMAN 24 Bandung-Indonesia
Bandung Montage Coordinator

Ms. Mari E. Pangestu, the Minister of Trade of Indonesia is with Flat Asep.

Mr. Bambang and Mr. Cheppy with Flat Asep. Mr. Bambang is the Minister of Education.

The mayor of Bandung, Mr. Dada Rosada (Holding Flat Asep) and the Headmaster of Bandung 24 Senior High School, Mr. Suparno.

The Head of Culture & Tourism in West Java, Mr. Budhyana.

The Head of Educational Office in Bandung, Mr. Edy Siswadi.

Mrs. Mia (Who is wearing the red jacket) is volunteer from CitiSuccess Fund (CitiBank).


Click on the links below to find out some Tourism Objects in these cities:

-- Bogor -- Purwakarta -- Bandung -- Garut -- Tasikmalaya --