Flat Stanley and the Liberty Bell

I know you have a picture of Flat Stanley with the Liberty Bell already, but I took this picture yesterday when I was taking field measurements for an addition to the posts for the Liberty Bell. My son's name is Erik. I don't know how many people can get this close to it. I think Flat Stanley might be the first person to climb on the Liberty Bell.
Tim Baker




Thanks for a great idea!

Here is our picture of Flat Stanley at the Liberty Bell.

Stan came to visit us, Jeff, Deanna, Allie, and Nick Morgan, after Allie's cousin, Bryce Morgan, sent him to us. Bryce goes to school in Charlotte NC. I do not have the name of the teacher.

Two other pictures are of Captain Stanley on a tugboat at Bristol PA, and at the World Championship Pumpkin Chunkin in Delaware. We wore coats but Stanley cuddled up in a zip-lock bag.

The kids have loved the excuse to travel around and take pictures!

Jeff Morgan



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