Laguna Beach, California

Well, the conditions were good and the surf very mild - so Flat Stanley was able to make a successful dive at Shaw's Cove in Laguna Beach, California. The day was Saturday, April 9, 2004 and the time was 8:00 am. The water was a chilly 59 degrees but Flat Stanley didn't seem to mind.
Here are the photos from the underwater adventure.
Here is Flat Stanley with my dive buddy Randy Frymire.
Flat Stanley enjoyed the gorgonian plant and lying flat with a sea star.
He seemed to like being 40 feet under water, so we will take him with us again. We will be diving with sea lions in May and I am sure there will be many trips to Catalina Underwater Park.

Laurie Payne
Community Relations Officer
City of Huntington Beach



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