Flat Stanley’s First “Hanami Festival” in Kyoto, Japan!

Dear Adrienn and everyone at Class 3-306,

My name is John Bush, and I live in Kyoto, Japan. Each year in the month of April, all of us here in Kyoto enjoy the world-famous Kyoto “Hanami”, which is Japanese for “cherry blossom festival”. During hanami season, people come to Kyoto from all over the world to see the beautiful cherry blossoms. Everyone spends the day under the cherry trees and enjoys a wonderful picnic lunch of special Japanese food and tea, and the beautiful pink cherry blossoms gently fall all around us as we eat. It is great fun!

This year we had a VERY special guest visit us from Staten Island, New York. His name is Flat Stanley. We were very surprised to meet Flat Stanley, and everyone here thinks that he is very special. We took Flat Stanley to the hanami festival, and everyone had a wonderful time! We all enjoyed the Japanese food and tea, and we all wore our traditional Japanese clothing, known here as a “kimono”. Sadly, we did not have a kimono for Flat Stanley, but he still had a great time wearing his tee-shirt and blue jeans. We ate and laughed and sang Japanese songs with Flat Stanley at the hanami festival, and it was a very special day that all of us will never forget! Here are two photographs of Flat Stanley and I enjoying hanami. The man on the right in the 2nd photograph is my friend, Mr. Peter MacIntosh. Peter’s wife was a “Geisha” for many years, and they both live here in Kyoto.

Flat Stanley told us about all the great students of Class 3-306, and we hope that all of you will some day visit the beautiful city of Kyoto! Flat Stanley had a great time here in Japan, but sadly he had to leave us and continue his travels around the world. Everyone here in Kyoto hopes that Flat Stanley has a safe and fun journey, and we already miss him and hope to see him again one day. Please take very good care of Flat Stanley, OK? He is very special!

Very truly yours,

John Bush

Kyoto, Japan