An Invisible Friend for Stanley

by:  A 4th Grade Student in Pennsylvania - Bronwyn

Chapter 1 - Don't Pick on Me
"Stanley!  Get up honey!" said Mrs. Lambchop.  "It's time for school."  With that, Stanley got up and went to school.  When he got to school, a bully came up to him and said, "Hey, Flatso!  Will you roll up so that I can have a punching bag?"
Then Stanley said, "That's not nice, you bully!"
"So watcha gonna do to me anyhow?" said the bully. 
"I'm gonna tell on you!" said Stanley.
"You are such a tattletale!" said the bully.
Chapter 2 - I Don't Have any Friends
When Stanley got home that afternoon, he took his mom and dad to the living room.  Mrs. Lambchop said, "Is there something the matter, Stanley?"
"Yes. There is," said Stanley.  "What the matter is, is that I don't have any friends."
"What?" said Mr. Lambchop.  "That's impossible, Stanley!  Why, everybody has friends."
"Well, I sure don't," said Stanley
Chapter 3  - Will You be my Friend?
The following day at school, Stanley tried to make some friends.  But, it didn't quite work out.  Stanley was so desperate that he even asked the class dope, Freddy Fred V, to be his friend.
Chapter 4 - I'm Never Going to have a Friend!
"Mom, Dad," said Stanley.  "I tried to make a friend today, but it didn't work."
"Stanley, you know how I said it was impossible to not have any friends?  Well Stanley, I didn't mean that it had to be a person," said Mr. Lambchop. 
"You didn't?" asked Stanley.
"No, I didn't.  Stanley have you ever heard of having an invisible friend?" asked Mr. Lambchop. 
Stanley answered, "No."
"Well that means you have a friend that no one else can have.  They can't even see him either."
"That's right, Stanley," said Mrs. Lambchop.  "You can have your own special friend."
Chapter 5 - What is His Name?
That night, Stanley started to wonder what his invisible friend's name was.  Stanley said, "Mom.  What is my invisible friend's name?"
"It can be anything that you want it to be," said Mrs. Lambchop.
"Could it be George?" said Stanley.
"Yes," said Mrs. Lambchop.
Chapter 6 - Let's Have Fun! 
On Saturday morning, Stanley said to his mother, "Mom, may William and I go to the park to play?"
"So his name is William, huh?" said Mrs. Lambchop, reading the morning paper.
"Yep!" said Stanley.  "We were just wondering if we could go to the park."
Then Mr. Lambchop replied, "Sure, Stanley!  Go have some fun with your new friend!"
Chapter 7 - Please!  Don't Go!
Every day after Stanley finished his homework, he and William would go in the backyard and climb a tree or something.  But one day, when Stanley and William were walking to the park to play baseball, Stanley saw moving trucks in front of William's house!  Stanley started crying and ran home to his mom and dad.  When Stanley had returned home, his father said, "That was a mighty fast game of baseball."
"We didn't even make it to the park!" said Stanley.  
"Why not, Stanley?" said Mrs. Lambchop. "Did William get hurt?"
"NO!" yelled Stanley.  "I GOT HURT!"
"Are you O.Kay?" said Mrs. Lambchop.
"No! I'm not!" said Stanley.  "Because William's moving away!"
"That's alright, honey!" said Mrs. Lambchop.  "You can make a new invisible friend."
"Are you sure that that's how it works?" said Stanley. 
"Yep!" said Mr. and Mrs. Lambchop together
Chapter 8 - Happily Ever After
Stanley decided to try having friends at school again, and it worked!  Everybody wanted to be his friend.  But it only gets better because the bully and his gang actually apologized to him!  But when Freddy Fred V tried to hang out with them, the bully who was once so mean to them said, "You can't hang out with us, you're too dorky."
But Stanley said, "If he wants to be our friend, he can be."  So everyone in Stanley's class was now his friend.  Well, you could say everyone was everyone's friend, because they all hung out together.  Stanley still remembered William and spoke quite fondly of him.  William was always remembered, and Stanley never forgot him, or forgot how they couldn't be friends anymore.  Once in a while he would be upset that he didn't have William as a friend anymore, but soon remembered that he had everyone in his class to be his friend.  He was happy that he had a lot more than one friend.  He was very glad.
 The End 



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