Kacey Camp - Actress

Hi Mrs. Vigna's First Grade Class!

My name is Kacey Camp and I am an actress. Flat Stanley arrived at my house in Glendale, CA on Saturday, March 1, 2008.

Glendale is 1,987 miles from Dwight, Illinois. It was a gloomy, chilly day, which is unusual for sunny California, but Flat Stanley wanted to see the view from my front patio.

Here I am at a recording session at my friend's studio singing a song. Flat Stanley came with me and held the microphone.

Afterwards we were pretty hungry, so we went to Bob's Big Boy in Burbank, CA. It is the oldest Bob's restaurant in America, and was built in 1949. Flat Stanley had a piece of Bob's famous strawberry pie, smooshed flat of course! (Can you find Flat Stanley in the picture below?)

How about this one? You'll have to look with a magnifying glass!

That's it for today, we'll send you more adventures tomorrow!

Bye for now,

Kacey & Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley In California March 2, 2008

Hi Everbody!

It's Sunday, so Flat Stanley and I went to my church called All Saint's in Pasadena, CA. He stood a little too close to the camera, so he looks blurry.

All Saint's is across the street from Pasadena City Hall. It's a really cool looking building, don't you think? Pasadena is where they have the Rose Parade every New Year's Day.

I always go to Trader Joe's on Sundays, it's a grocery store in Glendale. Flat Stanley wanted to open the potato chips in my grocery bag in the store, but I made him wait till we got home. See that monkey? He hides in a different place every day, if you find him, you get a little prize.

I had an audition today. Auditions are like try-outs, except instead of sports or cheerleading, you are auditioning for a play or a TV show. This was an audition for a musical, so I had to sing and act. The papers are called "sides", they have lines from the show typed on them, so you can read them for the director. I was a little nervous, but Flat Stanley felt fine!

That's all for today, I'll send you Monday's adventures tomorrow.

Bye for now,

Kacey & Flat Stanley

Subject: Flat Stanley California March 3, 2008

Hi Everybody,

Well, Monday means back to school for you, and for me and Flat Stanley, it's back to work. Here he is outside of my office at the Center Theatre Group. He looks excited!

In my job there is a lot of alphabetical filing to be done. Sometimes if I get stuck, I sing the Alphabet Song. I bet you guys already know it. Flat Stanley tried to help, but guess what happened?

After lunch I took Flat Stanley outside to see our biggest theatre, just across the street. It's called the Ahmanson Theatre,

Can you tell what the next play is going to be?

There's great big fountain in front of the theatre. When it's hot outside, people run in and out of the water. I think Flat Stanley wanted to try it, but it was too cold.

I had a lot more fun at work with Flat Stanley there. But neither of us liked all the traffic on the way home! (Flat Stanley says "Don't Click and Drive!")

That's all for today, we'll send more pictures tomorrow!

Bye for now,

Kacey & Flat Stanley

Subject: Flat Stanley in California, March 4, 2008

Hi Everybody,

Guess who ran off with my camera today? That's right, Flat Stanley! Look at the pictures he took.

Here he is about to stomp on some tiny people going to see a play at the Kirk Douglas Theatre. (It's only a model!)

I bet you didn't know Flat Stanley was in A Chorus Line, did you?

He's actually just posing on one of our giant posters, he sure does look like a dancer though!

This is Walt Disney Concert Hall.   It was designed by Frank Gehry.  Have you ever seen such curvy metal?

See that shiny bit? The whole building used to be that shiny, but people kept complaining because it was so bright that people driving by couldn't see the road!

Hey Flat Stanley, my computer is for work purposes only!  (Although there are some pretty cool looking kids in those pictures.)

Alright Flat Stanley, no more going off by yourself!

More adventures tomorrow.

Bye for now,

Kacey & Flat Stanley

Subject: Flat Stanley in California, March 5, 2008

Hi Everybody,

What a day! Flat Stanley and I drove to Hollywood! Flat Stanley wanted to make sure he fit in with all the movie stars, so he went shopping at Hollywood and Highland. (Nice shades, Cool Breeze!) Here he is in front of the Hollywood sign.

Here's a clearer shot of the famous Hollywood sign.

Of course we had to go by Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Just like the other Flat Stanley you all saw in the movie. But what's going on?

Lights? Red Carpet? Photographers? Is it a reception just for Flat Stanley? Oh, it's a Hollywood movie premiere for "10,000 BC", that new movie with all the dinosaurs! We look like movie stars, let's see if we can get in.

What do you mean we need a ticket? Don't you know who this is? It's Flat Stanley all the way from Mrs. Vigna's First Grade Class in Dwight Grade School, Home of the Redbirds! C'mon, LA Police Officers, let us through!

Will Kacey and Flat Stanley get to the premiere, or will they get arrested?

Tune in tomorrow for Part Two of:

"Thin Is In"


"Flat-tery Will Get You Everywhere"

Bye for now,

Kacey & Flat Stanley

Subject: Flat Stanley in California, March 5, 2008 Part Two

When we last left Flat Stanley and Kacey, they were standing outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre trying to get into the premiere of "10,000 BC"...

Look at all those beautiful movie stars. There's Tim Roth and Sophia Myles! How can we get in? Maybe if we sneak in the side way...

Oops, those guys in black suits are security guards, no way Jose!

Suddenly, a man named Rick asks: "Excuse me, is that Flat Stanley?"

"Yes, it is."

"I know him, my daughter had a Flat Stanley too! Would you like to get a picture inside? I'll put him in my pocket and sneak a couple of pictures"

"Yes! Thank you!"

Being flat has its advantages!

So here is Flat Stanley inside the premiere with his favorite movie star's hand & footprints. Can you read the name?

And here he is in front of Grauman's Chinese Theatre! That Flat Stanley is sooo lucky!

Flat Stanley felt bad I couldn't get in, so he bought me a giant cream puff, and he didn't make me share!

We were still too excited to go home, so we looked at all the stars on Hollywood Boulevard.

Here's Flat Stanley's favorite.

Flat Stanley even practiced walking up the stairs to the Kodak Theatre. That's where they have the Oscars!

What a night! Flat Stanley is going to sleep in tomorrow!

More adventures on the way!

Bye for now,

Kacey & Flat Stanley

Subject: Flat Stanley in California, March 6, 2008

Hi Everybody,

Guess where we're going today! I'll give you a hint, it's where all of your favorite movies like Peter Pan, Cinderella, The Jungle Book,

101 Dalmatians, and Pinnochio were made. Can you read the sign?

This studio was built in Burbank, CA around 1940, and Walt Disney designed it himself. Here's Flat Stanley on the corner of Mickey Avenue

and Dopey Drive. Which way should we go first?

Flat Stanley decided he wanted to see the Archives first. That's the place where they store famous props and animation from

all the movies the studio makes. In the display case you can see the snow globe from "Mary Poppins", the magical rings from "The Shaggy

Dog", and the bedknob from "Bedknobs and Broomsticks". Flat Stanley thinks that pirate medallion would be pretty cool to have,

but we don't need any cursed Aztec gold!

Sorry Flat Stanley, no time to go to Narnia today! We have to stay on this side of the wardrobe.

Wow, I thought dwarves were supposed to be smaller! Can you name all seven?

This is a sound stage, it is big enough to build a two-story house in. They are working on something that looks like
a cave or a mountain. I wonder what it could be.

All studios use bikes to deliver paperwork and mail to different buildings. Hey Flat Stanley, 

be careful, you might get delivered to the wrong place!

Uncle Walt and Mickey say, "Thanks for visiting our studio, come see us again soon!"

That's all for today, we'll send more pictures tomorrow!

Bye for now,

Kacey & Flat Stanley

Subject: Flat Stanley in California, March 7, 2008

Hi Everybody,

This was a very big day for Flat Stanley! First he went with me to an audition for a TV show called "Boston Legal".

Everybody knew Flat Stanley; the make-up lady even said he could see the make-up trailer.

This is where people get ready before they shoot a film or television show.

Then she took Flat Stanley on to the set to meet the director of the show, and this time I got to go too!

Flat Stanley got to sit in the Director's chair and look at the screens the director watches when they are filming.

The Director even said Flat Stanley could sit in the Big Star's chair, because he wasn't there that day. Mrs. Vigna will recognize his name!

Flat Stanley's day wasn't over yet! Remember the model of the theatre Flat Stanley took a picture on? Here's the actual place.

Flat Stanley has learned so much about acting this week, that he's going to go onstage!

But first he needs a costume. Here he is in his dressing room looking at the outfit that was designed just for him

by the costumer. Can you tell who he is?

And here he is in costume on the stage of the Kirk Douglas Theatre! He's a little Roman Soldier!

Hmmm... this little Roman soldier looks like he's at a school somewhere.

Can you make up a play for Flat Stanley about a Roman Soldier who has to go to school?

Hooray! Flat Stanley may have acting in his future!

Gosh everybody, I can't believe we're already at the end of our week.

I will be sending Flat Stanley back to you soon, with some souvenirs from his visit.

Thanks for letting him visit me!

Bye for now,

Kacey & Flat Stanley