Jumbo, King of Elephants

Submitted by Dale Hubert


Jumbo the Elephant was a favourite attraction in Phineas T. Barnum's circus.  Sadly, Jumbo was killed by a train on September 15, 1885 in St Thomas, Ontario, Canada.
There are two stories of how it happened.  The circus people said Jumbo saw the train approaching and a smaller elephant was on the tracks.  Jumbo, being a noble and brave creature, pushed the smaller elephant out the way just in time but was killed by the train.
A more likely story is that Jumbo was being led beside the tracks when the train approached.  Elephants don't like to walk downhill so, instead of moving down the embankment, Jumbo charged the train and was killed.
However, it happened, the most famous elephant in the world was dead.  There is a statue of Jumbo in St Thomas and Flat Stanley went to see it.  Notice Stanley is about the size of Jumbo's toenail!






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