A Day at the Farm in Jakarta with Stanley

by Nisaa
Hi my name is Nisaa.  I'm in the third grade. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Today me and my cousin Shofi met a new friend named : Stanley the flat boy.
We took him to the farm near my house, We also took our little sisters : Azka and Iffah, look they also have little Stanley with them !!
In the farm, first we went to the fish pond where we were doing some fishing and rode a bamboo raft. Stanley looked very happy in the raft, because we got a fish.
After that we went to the paddy rice field, Stanley look puzzled when he walked through the field because it was his first time. We also play up in the tree house, it was fun for Stanley.
Finally we finish our day at the farm, by feeding the sheep and the rabbits.
What a busy day for Stanley and us at the farm.
We hope Stanley can visit us again someday.  There are so much places that we want Stanley to visit.
Bye Stanley


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