Habur Gate Iraq

I have to thank Flat Stanley for coming to Habur Gate Iraq this past year to visit.
He was sent by Ms. Pam's 2nd grade class from Bay St Louis MS.
He made our time up on the northern border of Iraq more bearable.
While he was there he met some very interesting folks and had some interesting food.
He even got to wear a uniform. We had such a great time having Stanley visit us.

My adventure to Iraq by Flat Stanley.

I started out from Ms. Richardson's classroom in Bay Saint Louis MS. The students there sent me off the first time to meet a guy who was working in Iraq way up by a place called Turkey. Boy was I nervous, all I knew about Iraq was what we heard on the news and what I heard from grownups saying. Anyway the boys and girls of Ms. Richardson's class put me in this big envelope and mailed me off to meet Frank. I traveled across the ocean to Europe then on to the middle East. I stopped in mail rooms in Iraq in Baghdad and Mosul then finally in Habur Gate where Frank was. Well guess what happen? I got lost. Don't ask me how but I ended up sitting in a mail room somewhere for about 2 weeks. Then I saw this other great big envelope go by from Mississippi on its way to Frank. Well a few days later ended up in the right bin and was delivered along with my copy to Frank.

When I first met Frank he was so excited to see me. He was jumping up and down and ran all over the place showing me to his friends. I didn't really get to meet anyone else that day except his partner Al. Oh I forgot to tell you Frank and Al work for CBP they are like policemen.

My first night Frank and Al showed me some of the equipment they used and had to wear. Boy is that stuff big and heavy. They showed me the bullet proof vest they had to wear and the guns they had to carry and the bags they filled with water that they put on their backs. And some of it is scary too. But they made me feel relaxed when they explained what things were for and how to use them.

First they showed me the computer they used to send reports to their boss and to talk to people back home. Shhhhh it was a secret computer, I still don't understand that part because it was sitting right there on the table.

The next day is when I started to meet all of these real brave and nice men and woman. The first person I met was Sgt. Brissette, but we called him Mike. He was so cool, he liked to read comic books old ones and had a real big collection of them. He kept them all in plastic so they would not get dirty. Mike is the one that made me my uniform. I had to have a uniform so I fit in with all the other people there. Plus I lost all my other clothes.

Next I met an Army cook named Tony. He was a real nice guy,and friends with Frank. He made sure me Frank and Al got enough to eat. I met most of the other soldiers there.

After meeting the soldiers Frank Al and me went out and walked around well actually we got to ride in this thing they called a Gator. It didn't have any teeth it was like this cool motor cart.

Good thing we got to ride in it because it sure was hot there and I think I may have melted or something if we had to walk all that way. We went from one end of the place to the other. And we took pictures along the way. There where these guys dressed in uniforms they were in the Iraqi Army. Their job was to guard the bridge in Habur Gate. At first they seemed mean but when Frank and Al introduced me to them they were very friendly and took pictures with me.

One of them even knew who I was because he has a little girl in the third grade. For the next few days we drove and walked around Habur Gate and met all kinds of people. I met Truck drivers from Turkey and Iraq. I met Iraqi Policemen. I met shop keepers and lots of children. They all were very nice and loved
having their picture taken with me. One day while we were in a city called Zahko I fell out of Frank's pocket and broke my leg. Frank and Al were so upset. I was OK it didn't really hurt too bad, but this shop keeper helped me out he gave me some tape and a piece of candy and I was all fixed up.

During my trip to Iraq I met so many different people from so many different places. I ate all kinds of food. Not just the food the Army fed us but from some restaurants too. Frank said how do you know if you do not like it unless you try it. He was right.

During my stay in Harbur Gate I did send emails back to Ms. Richardson's class and pictures. When it was time for me to return to Bay Saint Louis MS Frank and Al and Tony and Mike brought me to the mail room and handed me over to the mail clerk. They made sure I was addressed correctly and comfortable in a big envelope.

I had so much fun and it was very exciting visiting Iraq. I know it is dangerous there and the men and woman I met are very brave. Thank you to them.

Your friend Flat Stanley.