Firstly, we want to introduce our group. We are from SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

We are in the 12 grade now. From left side, Meridiani, Dian, Laksmi who holds our Flat and Anissa.

We have our own Flat. It's name is 'Nyi Iteung'.

 We named her 'Nyi Iteung' because the name is so popular for Sundanese Folk Tales.

 She is a  beautiful girl whom "Kabayan' loves. 'Kabayan' is well-known character for Sundanese.

Last December, our school had a trip to Jogjakarta. Almost all students from grade 12 joined the trip.

 Our Flat 'Nyi Iteung' joined us but Dian didn't. We went by bus. There were 7 buses took us to Jogjakarta.

 The first place that we visited was Sugar Factory, in Madukismo, It is about 15 km from Jogjakarta.

 From central park we rode an old train to reach the factory. The train was very slowly; and noisy.

 'Nyi Iteung' was inpatient to get there.

This Factory spreads a bad smell. We thought that we could not stay there for a longer time.

 Look! 'Nyi Iteung' and Anissa always kept their nose closed with their hand. When we were there, the factory had not being operated.

After visiting Sugar Factory, we went to Kota Gede, where the silver hand made.

This picture was taken in front of art gallery in Kota Gede.

Meridiani and 'Nyi Iteung welcome everybody to come to the gallery.

 We can buy many kinds of accessories made of silver.


We looked around in 'Anchor Silver'. We can see a miniature of Prambanan Temple, 

 small animal sculptures like horses.

 Beside that we saw miniature of big ship and many kind of jewelry such as necklace, ring, bracelet brooch, etc.

Unfortunately those things were very expensive so we cannot buy any of them as a gift.

 A miniature of Borobudur temple cost 40 million Rupiahs,

We were very disappointed because we bought nothing. 


In this place we can also watch how to make handicrafts made out of silver. It is not an easy and simple one.

 To make all of them, we must have skill, talent and experience.

And don't forget that we have to be careful and patient too.

It is because why the price is very expensive.

After staying for a day in Jogjakarta, we left for Magelang, Central Java, in which Borobudur Temple is located.

Borobudur Temple, which belongs to Buddhist is one of the seven-wonders in the world.

 This Temple was built a long time ago.

 People built it without cement or any kinds of glue.

Laksmi, Meridiani and 'Nyi Iteung  took the picture before we went upstairs.

Laksmi, Anissa, Meridiani and 'Nyi Iteung' were on the top of the Temple.

 We were very tired after we went up hundreds of stairs.

 From the top we can enjoy the scenery around.

We were very happy that we can reach the top.

 After we took a rest, we with other students  went down to go back to Bandung.

Composed by :

Laksmi, Dian, Anissa and Meridiani from SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

XII J - V 09