Hi, We are from SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. We are in the XI grade now.

From left to right : Rizky F, Navintri, Nadia and Nanda.  The building behind us is our school building.

We have a new FLAT. It's name is 'Usro' . 'Usro' is  one of main characters in Modern Puppet Show, Si Unyil,.

 Everybody in Indonesia knows him well especially kids.

Monday, the 12th, we took 'Usro' to Dufan in Jakarta. Dufan or Fantastic World is located in Jakarta.

 It is like World Disney but it is not as large as World Disney. We took this picture early in the morning before we left.

We went by car. On the way to Jakarta, we took a rest for a moment. We spend three hours before we got to Dufan.

We were very happy because we could enjoy our free time with our classmates.

Although Mondays is our school time but on this day we had two days free (Monday and Tuesday) 

because the XII grade took the final examination. Don't you see our Flat 'Usro' is very excited?

Why? Because it was the first time for him to visit Dufan

We had just arrived in Dufan. A Banner greeted us 'SELAMAT DATANG', which means Welcome.

 Behind us is the main gate of Dufan. We have to buy tickets before getting in.

Look, Nadia had got  tickets for us. 'Usro' didn't have to buy a ticket because his height is under 100 cm.

 We invite you to join us. Are you interested in joining us?  Come to Indonesia and don't forget to visit Dufan

It is announcement which said : Today open from eleven a.m. to six  p.m.

We didn't wait until it was closed because we had to go home in Bandung before late.

 Our parents gave us permission as long as we promised to go home before 9 in the evening

The arrow show the direction to some attraction. All of the them challenged your instinct.

 If you have no encourages don't ever try.

We were in  queue line waiting for  taking 'Tornado'. It is the most one  that attracts  young people included us.

Are you frightened? Want to try ?

Now we are taking a boat in 'Arung Jeram' . It is very fantastic. Although water can wet our dress, we are enjoying it. .

We are on the a small boat to sail along small river in 'Istana Boneka'.

Here, we can see all countries in miniatures which their specific thing. Each countries shows us

 what make their countries are known by people over the world.

After tiring enjoyed the attraction in Dufan we felt hungry.

This picture was taken in Mc Donald in the area of Dufan.

Everybody isn't  allowed to take his/her own food to the location so the visitors  have to buy food and drink there.

 Expensive? of course. But we couldn't make compromise with our stomach.

We were on the way home. Although we felt tired,  we were very happy and excited.

It was really an interesting trip for us. 'Usro' invites you to come to Indonesia and don't forget to visit Bandung,

 for shopping and enjoying specific food from West Java.


Composed by :

 Rizky F, Navintri, Nanda and Nadia from Class XI D, SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.