HI. friends. We are students of Five Senior High School, SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

From left to right. Rezky, Ilham, Gina and Adhyra. As you know our school, SMAN 5 Bandung, has a lot of Flats.

 Among others are Kuda Lumping, Sangkuriang, Usro, Juragan, Den Bagus and many more.

We have our own flat too. We named it The Winner.

Look, he is proudly running by holding our National Flat, Red and White

The picture above was taken in the front gate of Bandung Zoo.   


This picture was taken in front of ITB which is not far from the zoo.

 ITB derives from The Institute of Technology Bandung.

ITB is the oldest institute in Bandung and it is a famous campus not only in Bandung but also in Indonesia.

From this campus our first President, Soekarno, got his engineer.

Soekarno started his struggle against the Dutch Colonial since he was a young boy

and continue his mission here  with some of his friends


Look, the winner is among us in Ganeca Street. ITB is located in this street

so if you want to visit ITB just find Ganeca street.

Oh .... How to get  to the zoo? Don't worry, The zoo is in the end of Ganeca street.  


After we walked around Ganeca street, we got tired and hungry. The winner was more tired than us

because he was always running all the time.

We took Delman, a cart carried by a horse,  to find  some food and drink.

You have to know that Bandung is famous for its food. Do you want to try? Please, come to Bandung!


We took a rest in Ganesha Park. This park is in Campus ITB area.

Here we can enjoy fresh air because the environment is clean and lots of green leaves.


Still in the park we took the picture in a monument.

Do you know why we took the winner here? Of course we want to show him and everybody

that we want to continue our study here. Now we are in the 12 grade and on April-May,  

we will have our final examination. We hope all of us pass the examination and

on August we can continue our study here. Amin.

The winner looked very tired and we were waiting for the bus, one of public transportation

in Bandung. to take us home. We still wore our school uniform because we went here after school hours.   

Composed by :

Rezha, Ilham, Gina and Adhyra, XII J-V09, SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.