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Flat Stanley Visits Ma Ku poh Temple (xian jien Ku Poh)


This building is in Tanjungpura, Karawang. When I entered this place, I felt something different!!! Maybe because Ma Ku Poh Temple is an old buiding and has many stories connected to ancestors. This is its story..

Ma Ku Poh Temple was built in 1770 by ma ku Poh ash with three ancestors whom they were the spices entrepreneurs.

At first, they sailed from China to Indonesia. After they sailed for several times, they found the three mouths of river. They confussed!Which one did they have to choose and crossed ?finally, they prayed to ask to the God a quidance and they choosed the left one, but they failed and also in the right too..so,they anchored for some days and try to pray again, the answer was same. Next, the three ancestors took the decision that they have to land, so they prayed with Ma Kupoh ash as the mediator and was answered! Althought it had been answered, they still had not been sure yet. So, they did the ceremony again for three times and successfully!! Finally, they landed at 1770 and made the shelter for Ma Kupoh ash that faced to west.

At 1800s, three ancestors met someone. He said that “Ma Kupoh located at dragon’s stomach, but it had to faced the sunrise”. Because of that person’s warning, they bulldozed that place for the first time and bulldozed again in 1863 until 1865.

As addition, in 1780s, it was ever been FLOOD and that building was Destroyed!! unfortunately, there were not inheritance left. There were peculiars that Ma Kupoh have ever been hit by the fire, but the goods which were burned were not look the scars like scorched left. A long time ago, if there were birds flew above that building, that birds would fall to the land, but they would not dead!!