Hallo, we are from SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. On the left one is our new flat.

This is one of Flats belong to our school., SMAN 5 Bandung. His name is 'Prabu Kian Santang'.

'Prabu Kian Santang' was a king who led the Pajajaran Kingdom long time ago.

 His father was a prince of Siliwangi Kingdom.'Prabu' and his father had big contribution in spreading out Islam in West Java

'Pajajaran' and 'Siliwangi' were famous Kingdom in West Java many years ago.

Last week, We (Mia, Icmi, Fitri, Nadia, Meisa and Reza) took our flat 'Prabu Kian Santang' to Tea Plantation in Ciater,

Subang, north Bandung.Reza is not in the picture because he took the picture You can see how fresh the weather is,

 and our flat looks so excited in joining us.

Reza is in action with the flat. Behind, you can see the tea plantation is very vast.

The picture was taken when we tried to climb that hill which is full of green colour like green carpet

'Prabu Kian Santang' is standing proudly.  The cool and the good view can make us so relax.

 In this place, there is also a factory where the tea leaves is produced became tea that we can drink everyday.

The girl who is holding our flat is Mia and the boy beside her is Reza, our photographer.

 The other three girls are Nadia, Icmi and Fitri. And the picture was taken by Meisa.

As far as you see you can only see the green colour of tea trees.

After tiring climb the hill, we took a rest for a moment in a mosque for praying.

Before praying we took the picture in front of the mosque.

We had an exciting trip and lots of fun. It's really wonderful and interesting place to visit, and it will be incredible experience.

Composed by :

Mia, Nadia, Icmi, Meisa, Fitri and Reza from Five Senior High School (SMAN 5)

Bandung, West Java, Indonesia