Firstly we want to introduce ourselves. We are students of SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

 On the left side is Bakti, in the middle is Rey and on the left side is Ari. We took our Flat 'Kuda Lumping' to Mount Tangkuban Perahu .

It is located North Bandung, about 30 minutes from Bandung. Mount Tangkuban Prahu  is a part of West Java legend.

The mountain was formed when Sangkuriang got angry because the woman whom he loved refused to marry him.

Who was that woman? She was Sangkuriang's mother, Dayang Sumbi. Sangkuriang kicked the boat down and the boat became a mountain.

Do you know what was written behind them? It means Natural Tourism Park, Mount Tangkuban Prahu, Bandung, West Java.

The visitors can reach the top of the mountain to craters. There are more than three craters here.

 On the holiday or week end this place are crowded by tourists not only the tourists from local but also from foreign countries.

 People who like hiking can reach the craters only 1and half hour from Lembang.

'Kuda Lumping'. Rey and Ari took the picture in front of the main gate.

Bakti  is not in the picture because he took the picture.

We  have to buy tickets before entering the park The prize of the tickets is about 5 thousand rupiahs, or $. 0.45 each.

 It is cheap enough, isn't it?

Rey is on the left and Bakti is on the right. They were in the bank of  crater. 'Kuda Lumping' was with them.

 Although this place can be reached on foot, if you like hiking, of course, it was the first time for 'Kuda Lumping' to go there.

Rey, Ari and 'Kuda Lumpig' were on the other side of craters.

Do you see the slope of the mountain behind them? We can go there on foot if it doesn't rain.

Mount Tangkuban Prahu is an active volcano. When the situation is not safe, the Government gives warning so it is closed for a few days.

Bakti and 'Kuda Lumping' showed you the information board. Everything about this place can be read here.

 It is an large area so we need more information in order not to be lost.

Rey and Ari with 'Kuda Lumping' wanted to tell everybody how beautiful this place is. The air is fresh and clean.

 We went to this place after school and you can see we were still wearing our school uniform. 

This is Ari with 'Kuda Lumping' behind him, you can see other visitors.

Not too many people were in the location because it was not on holiday or week end.

Composed by :

Ari, Bakti and Rey from XII J - V-09, SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia