Christian Elementary School of Ora et Labora Pamulang, Tangerang, Indonesia



We are some students of Elementary School grade 3,4,5 and 6 of Ora et Labora at Pamulang, Tangerang. On Saturday, February 24, 2007 we went to Godong Ijo Nursery in Sawangan, Bogor District. We also brought Flat Stanley, our “Special Friend” a paper puppet.

After arriving there, we were very enjoyed because the place was cool. There were so many plants. First, we saw two big Python snakes. It was about 6 meters long. It was scary. Fortunately, it was sleeping in a big glass box that was locked. There were some chicken’s hairs around them. Had they eaten the chicken? Might be. After that, we took pictures with the snakes and of course with Flat Stanley. He looked scary.

Suddenly, there was a big black dog approached us. It’s name was Nero. Some of us were afraid of this dog. In fact, Nero was a friendly dog. It didn’t bark at all. It was kind of Labrador dog.

Then, we walked deeper inside to the Godong Ijo. In a park, we saw a very big turtle. The turtle came from Galapagos Island. The diameter was about 60-80 cm and 50 cm height. It must be very old. It had a very hard shell on it and it walked very slowly. Flat Stanley wanted to take a picture with the turtle, but he had to be careful because it could hit somebody who touched it.

There, we also saw a ‘lumur Madagaskar’. It liked a squirrel, a kind of animal that lives in the dark place. It was in a cage covered with cloth. We could not see it clearly. But we saw it jumped from one branch to another.

Then, we entered a big room and there were many collections of animals. There were many Tarantula spiders put in small glasses. They were poisoned so we were forbidden to touch them. There were also many kinds of snakes that put in closed boxes, because they were wild animals. One of them struck the glass wall of the cage. It opened it’s mouth and showed it’s sharp teeth. It looked like to attack us. Thanks God, that they were in strong cages. Flat Stanley looked scary too. There were also some iguanas. Some of them were still small.

Finally we visited the plant area where we learned how to create a new species with pruning technique. Some workers showed the steps of pruning technique. First, he cut the original plant for main flower then joined it with a new plant to make a new kind of flower. Then it was covered with a plastic. It was interesting experience for us. We can try it at home.

Before going home, we had a rest and enjoyed lunch while seeing ‘Koi’ fishes in a pond. Wow… it’s very relax time. Then We took pictures together. Of course, with Flat Stanley too.

We really had a good time and at the same time, we got the lesson of nature. I hope you can visit to Godong Ijo Nursery and my school, someday.





Written by

Students of Elementary School of

Ora et Labora, Pamulang


Flat Stanley’s Group :

1. Tania Anjani P Class 3A

2. Daniel Christovery Class 4B

3. Titus Logo Class 4B

4. Amanda Valentina Class 4B

5. Andreas Febian W Class 5A

6. Andrew Mahisa Halim Class 5A

7. Nathasya Esterita JS Class 5A

8. Ida Ayu Putu S Class 5A

9. Theresia Claudia RT Class 5A

10.Bondan Wisnuaji Class 5B

11.Peter Andreas TN Class 5B

12. Tasya Bintang AN Class 5B

13. Viena Priska P Class 5B

14. Sarah Devina Class 6A

15. Finna Amali C Class 6B

16. Irene Risty S Class 6B

17. Alvin Julian T Class 6B