Hallo, I am Neisya from SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java Indonesia. I want to introduce my FLAT. Its name is 'Srikandi'.

 Do you know what 'Srikandi' is? . Srikandi is a heroine from Indonesia.

She had her contribution in fighting to free Irian Barat, West Papua, from  Dutch colonial in 1963. Everybody in Indonesia know her well.

In my story, I want whole people in the world know her to. This is my story about our trip to 'White Crater' and 'Situ Patenggang' Lake, South Bandung. 

  Last Sunday, I took her to 'White Crater' and 'Situ Patenggang' lake. It is not far from Bandung.

 "White Crater, is a crater of Mount Patuha and 'Situ Patenggang is a small lake not far from 'White Crater'

This picture was taken in 'White Crater' It is very cold and I wore my thick sweater to protect my body from cold weather.

 The sulfur smelled bad but it is useful for skin treatment. The crater looks like a small pond and we can touch the water. 

Most people come here on Sunday or holiday because it is near and low cost. We can take our own car just an hour from Bandung

It is fantastic, isn't it. I like to be here because it is natural and fresh.

Look! How beautiful 'Srikandi' is. She really enjoyed her holiday. I am very proud of her because 'Srikandi' is my favorite heroine.

'Srikandi and I were on the boat in 'Situ Patennggang' lake. There is a mall land in the middle of the lake.

 We can reach it by rowing our boat ourselves. Surrounding, we can see tea plantation. It is really beautiful.

 If you come to Bandung, don't forger to visit this place.

Composed by

Neisya from XII B -V09, SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.