Hi, Friends. We come from SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

Agita is on the left side, in the middle is Ajeng and on the right side is Nadhira. We are in the Grade XII.

And next moth we  are going to finish our study in Senior High School. We hope we can continue our study in a best University.

Below we are going to tell you about our Flat 'Kuda Lumping'

Agita comes from Batam., a small island belongs to Indonesia near Singapore.

It takes only 40 minutes by ship to Singapore. She always visits her parents in the school

holiday. Last holiday, she took 'Kuda Lumping to Batam.

The picture was taken in  Barelang Bridge. It is 1 km in length.

The bridge is a pride of Batam people because if it's unique design.

In the afternoon, most people come to Barelang Bridge to see sunset. The view is very fantastic.

'Kuda Lumping is on the ship from Batam to Singapore with Ms. Evi, our Indonesian teacher.

They went to Singapore for holidays. The picture was taken before the ship left the Batam

The picture was taken a few minutes after leaving to Singapore.

Ms. Ida, our English teacher. Ms. Evi and 'Kuda Lumping' looked very happy

 because it was the first time for them to visit Singapore.

'Kuda Lumping' and Nadhira had a trip to Garut, West Java. 

They stayed in the Dazira Lake Hotel. The Hotel was designed like a traditional house. It was built on the Dazira Lake.

From the hotel we can see the beautiful view because the hotel is   surrounded by water.

People who stayed at the hotel have to row their boat to go to the front office or to the restaurant.

After rowing their boat around the lake, Nadhira and 'Kuda Lumping' looked tired but they were very happy.

 They enjoed their holiday very much


Do you know where the three pictures above were taken?.

They were taken in Spain. Don't you remember that our Flat hobby is traveling?.

 Ok. 'Kuda Lumping' wanted to see Matador.

These picture were taken by Nadhira's father when he went to Spain last year


After traveling a lot, 'Kuda Lumping' went home in Bandung.

Ajeng took him to 'Dago Pakar', a forest consevation, which is located in north Bandung.

 On the weekend, most people come here to get refreshing. The air is fresh and the weather is cool.

Composed by : Agita, Nadhira and Ajeng, students of SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia