A Trip to Saung Angklung Mang Udjo

with Avon Valley College, U.K., teachers

reported by SMAK 3 BPK PENABUR Bandung (Senior High), Indonesia

On April 9th 2006, we went to Saung Mang Udjo, a Sundanese art and bamboo craft center, website:

http://www.angklung-udjo.co.id/ to meet four guest teachers from the Avon Valley College, United Kingdom, web: http://www.avonvalley.wilts.sch.uk/ on the joint programme held by the British Council Indonesia and TIPD programme, U.K.

With our three Flat Stanley dolls of SMAK 3 BPK PENABUR Bandung (Senior High) web: http://www.bpkpenabur.or.id/sekolah/display.php?sekolah=64, then, we left our school at 2pm. Our team were Mr. Stephanus (computer teacher), Mr. Hermawan (English teacher), Felicia, Billy, Stevie, and Vania. We arrived first, and took some pictures quite a lot while we were waiting for the U.K. teachers. At 3.30 pm they arrived and we had a brief introduction.

The U.K. teachers were Mr. Lee, Mr. David, Ms. Lucy, and Ms. Linsey (see the picture). They had a look at some handicrafts, such as wayangs (leather puppets), angklungs (traditional bamboo musical instruments), masks, and bamboo flutes. After we had a conversation, the show began at 4pm.

The show consisted of two sections. In the first section, they performed “wayang” (leather puppets) show with Sundanese musical instruments, such as saron, boning, kendang, rebab, (the last two are types of traditional drums), gong, and etc. They informed us that the players of the instruments are called “nayaga”. Also they performed traditional ceremony that we called “sunatan” (circumcision) with “kuda lumping” (fake horse). After that, they performed us “Arumba” show (Arumba means melody of bamboos). Then, the young students of Saung Mang Udjo between 7 until 12 ages played angklungs. The titles/themes of the songs were jasmine, a kind of flower called “kenanga”, “do re mi” song, and a cockatoo bird song (“burung kakak tua”).

After it, we had break time because the angklungs must have changed. So we had a look to another merchandise and drank some Coca cola. After fifteen minutes passed by, we went to the first place and enjoyed next performance by senior teenage students of Saung Mang Udjo. They played an international song titled “the Final Countdown“.

Then, we had a short course how to play angklung. All of our U.K. guest teachers were very enthusiastic to learn about it. Then, as the climax came, we danced together and that day we were very glad to meet them. Well… thanks to Saung Mang Udjo and the British Council, who came to our school two days after it, i.e. on April 11th, 2006, for a study visit.