Trip to Singapore


Halo, my name is Yanda. I am a student of Five Senior High School, (SMAN 5) Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

 Last month, I spent my weekend holiday in Singapore. Our Flat 'Kuda Lumping' joined me. Look, we are very exited to be there.

This picture is taken in Clark Quai, a small harbour in Singapore river. You can see some boats to take the tourists along the river.

In this picture, you can see that 'Kuda Lumping' are on the boat.

We take a river touring, so we can see some historical buildings that only found in Singapore.

From the picture you can see how happy "Kuda Lumping' is because it was the first time for 'Kuda Lumping' having a trip to Singapore.

We are still on the boat to see the other side of the river. Do you see a building with the unique shape?

It is an esplanade. In this building, some concerts are held. Convention can be held here too.

The building's roof is like 'Durian' skin. Do you know what 'durian' is?

 It is a specific fruit from tropical country.  When the sun is shining, the roof gives a beautiful light. It is very fantastic


Do you see the lion which spread out the water from it's mouth. It is not the really lion.

It is a sculpture of a lion with the below part of it's body is like a fish. Its name is Merlion which is the symbol of Singapore.

Every body who visits Singapore come here to take some photos or make films

Before continue our trip, 'Kuda Lumping' looked at the map in order not to be lost in Singapore.

The map shows us the route of Sub Way and Train in Singapore. They are called MRT and LRT. Both of them can run very fast.

 We can go to far distance only in a few minutes. Don't you want to try?

After a short visit to Singapore, we decided to go back to our country, Indonesia.

Now, I am and 'Kuda Lumping'  are in Changi International Airport.

 It takes  about an hour and 15 minutes by plane from Changi to Sukarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta.


Composed by : Yanda a student of SMA N 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia