Before we start our project, we will introduce our group. We are from SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

 From left side is Yasyiroh, Ribka, Aryane and Afda. 'Sampe' is one of SMAN 5 Bandung's Flat. It is among us.

The topic of our Project is 'Sampe' took around Bandung. The picture above was taken in our class.

Ribka is one of our member took a picture with 'Sampe' in the front gate of Traffic Garden.

 This is a kind of Park for children It is located in the opposite of our school.

Here, children are introduced to Traffic Sign, how to be a good pedestrian and many others that related to Traffic.

Beside that there are some facilities for children like small train, small car, swimming pool for children and others vehicles.

 On Sundays, most of families take their children here. Most families like this place because it is not only easy to get but also also cheaper.

Now, Ribka and 'Sampe' in the public swimming pool. It is called 'Pemandian Tirtamerta'.

It is located on the right side of our school building. This picture was taken in our break time.

Yashiroh and 'Sampe' in the main gate of 'Siliwangi' Stadium. It is about 300 meters from our school.

'Siliwangi' Stadium is one of the biggest stadiums in Bandung. Indonesian Foot Ball match  is always held here

when  Bandung's Foot Ball Team, 'Persib'  become host.

 When there is a National Ceremony for people from  Bandung or even from West Java, the local Government choose this place too.

Yasyiroh and 'Sampe' are in the Siliwangi Golf Court.

This place is one of the best places to play Golf in Bandung. The grass is fresh and soft.

Aryane and 'Sampe' are in front of Savoy Homan Hotel. It is the oldest hotel in Bandung.

It is located on Asia - Africa street not far from  'Merdeka' Building in which Asia- Africa conference was held. in 1955.

Braga street is the oldest street in Bandung. It was known as the central activities in the era fiftieth.

There were old buildings along the street.

'Gedung Merdeka'  is the pride of people from Bandung because it is a historical building in which Asia-Africa conference was held.

 Inside, there is a museum where we can see everything about the conference.

 Now it is often visited by tourists not only from other places in Indonesia but also from foreign countries.

Composed by :

Yashiroh, Ribka, Afda and Aryane from XII-I, V-09, SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia