Hi, I am Rico. I am a student of SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. I come from Pontianak, West Borneo, Indonesia.

 Pontianak is the capital of West Borneo Province. I live in Bandung with my aunt and uncle. My parents live in Pontianak.

 Last holiday I came to Pontianak with my own Flat. It's name is 'Sampe'.

 I named it 'Sampe' because I want to introduce one of Traditional Music Instrument from 'Dayak' people.

Dayak is a tribe from Borneo. 'Sampe' is very popular among Dayak people.

The picture above was taken a few minutes after our plane landed at Supadio International Airport, Pontianak.

The nice  girl beside me is a stewardess.  Her name is Sisca and she is very beautiful and kind

'Sampe and I are in front of Rumah Betang, a 'Dayak' traditional house which is very unique.

 It is big enough for more than three families. . Main rooms are built 2-4 meters from the ground. and to reach the house, we have to go upstairs.

Why is the house very high from the ground? Yes, to keep safe  from wild animals.

These pictures above were taken inside 'Rumah Betang'. 'Sampe' was very excited because he can show every body his culture.

 You can see the unique painting over all it's wall and pillars. The dominant colors are yellow, blackand red.

 In the second picture were my beloved friends when I studied at Gembala Baik Junior High School, in Pontianak.

The girl is  Septiani , Arya who holds 'Sampe' and the next is Yosafat. Arya likes to be action in front of camera and he likes 'Sampe' too.

From 'Rumah Betang', ' Sampe' and I went to Museum, West Borneo Museum.

 Inside, we can learn more about the history and cultureof Pontianak.Although I come from Pontianak, it was the first time for me go there.

It is often visited by tourists, not only from domestic but also from foreign countries. 

This picture is a replica of 'Lancang Kuning' boat that we can see in the Museum.

 Long time ago the boat  was used by Sultan of Qadariyah Palace from West Borneo for his transportation.

'Sampe' wants to tell you that in West Borneo, there is a long and large river which is called Kapuas River

Now, 'Sampe' invited to see about the modern Rumah Betang, Modern Longhouse Design. It is located inside the area of Museum.

It looks rather different from the oldest one especially it's roof

I didn't forget to visit one of the Malls in Pontianak to memorize when I was in Junior High School.

My friends and I usually spent our  spare time here. From the left 'Sampe' , me (Rico), Anton, Yosafat and Kleofas.

'Sanpe' is among my friends. We were classmate when we studied in  Junior High School.

It was like a farewell party because I had to go back to Bandung.

This is my photo at Supadio International Airport Pontianak, West Borneo, Indonesia.

 It was time for me to go back to Bandung because my holiday was over. I was very sad to live my family and my friends.

Before the plane took off, 'Sampe' and I took a picture with Mandala' Crew.

When I arrived at Sukarno - Hatta International Airport, Jakarta, I met some pilots of Mandala Airlines.

I took this picture at Arrival Hall Terminal 1 C, Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.

This is the end of my story traveling with 'Sampe'.  Next time, you can read another story from  'Sampe' . Thank you

Composed by :

Rico Tuerah, XII H - V 09, SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.