Hello, my name is Allan, a student of SMAN 5 (five senior high school) Bandung, West java, Indonesia.

The photo is taken in front of my class with my class teacher, Mrs. Ida. I come from West Sumatera. My home town is Payakumbuh.

 It is three hours from Minangkabau International Airport

 The people and the regional language from West Sumatera is called "Minangkabau"  I live in Bandung with my sister.

On Lebaran holiday, I visited my hometown with our flat "Kuda Lumping".The pictures below show

how flat "Kuda Lumping" enjoyed his travel in my hometown.


Flat "Kuda Lumping" is on the bridge between fort de cock castle, and the zoo in Bukittinggi,

is one of the beautiful city in west Sumatera. We call the bridge "Limpapeh" which means butterfly.

Under the bridge we can see a beautiful scenery of Bukittinggi.

The waterfall is one of tourist spot near my hometown. It is called "Lembah Harau" or Harau valley.

 The air is fresh and we can swim below the waterfall. Minangkabau people always go for taking a bath / a swim

 to this place a day before fasting month. It is one of specific custom from Minangkabau People. We called it "Balimau".



Flat "Kuda Lumping" look around to see how beautiful the place is. There are also some home stay to live in.

Would you like to visit my hometown? Just take a plane to Padang, the capital of West Sumatera.

Our local goverment has just opened the new international airport which is called "Minangkabau International Airport" (MIA).




"Kuda Lumping" is an action in front of the steep side of a valley. Look!!

He is climbing the pole in order to see around.

Our flat "Kuda Lumping" look tired after walking around the valley.

 Behind the flat, there is a small bridge to the forest.

These women are wearing traditional clothe from Minangkabau.

The clothes are worn in the specific events for Minangkabau culture like wedding ceremony, and other ceremonies.

In this occasion, the women are distributing invitation in traditional way, "Mamanggia".

They do not use invitation card but they use a quid consists of betel leaf, areca nut, gambier and lime. It is unique, isn't it ?


My father, Mr. Abdul Khair, a member of local parliament,  shows our flat a path to reach home stay.

In this picture, "Kuda Lumping" watched rice field like the yellow carpet

This is a traditional vehicles from Minangkabau, we call it "Bendi". Bendi is carried by a horse and full of colorful ornaments.

It carries people to near places in the city.

The step of the horse sounds "tuk tik tak tik tak tik tuk" because of  the shoes are made of iron.

Would you try it? Please come to my hometown.


Composed by : Allan Nafari

From SMAN 5 (five senior high school) Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.