Hi, Friends. I am Desta from Five Senior High School Bandung (SMAN 5), West Java, Indonesia.

 Our Flat 'Kuda Lumping' and I want to show you some places of interest in my town. Here are some pictures of them.

Kuda Lumping is in front of historical building on Asia Africa street.

The street is named Asia Africa because some years ago, Asia-Africa Conference was held here.

 People in Bandung called this building Gedung Merdeka. In this building, you can find everything about Asia-Africa Conference

 because it is also one of historical museums in Bandung

This picture is taken  in Braga street. It is an old street in Bandung.

Most people like strolling here. They are here not only for window shopping but also to taste some food and shopping.

 You can find traditional food, Indonesian food, European food, Chinese food and many others food in this street.

Foreign tourists spend most their evening time  here.

Kuda Lumping and I are still in Braga Street. This is one of famous Cafe in Bandung. Its name  is GOOILAND.

Only certain people can enter this Cafe because it is an exclusive place.

Look! 'Kuda Lumping' and I are standing in the front door of the Cafe.

Look!, Do you remember this building? Everybody who visits Bandung has known this building.

Ya, It is our Governor's office. This building has unique architecture especially in its roof.

 We called it 'Gedung Sate'  because  the roof looks like a  small pieces of meat roasted on skewer.

Kuda Lumping and I are in the front gate of  the National Heroes' Grave.

It is located in Cikutra not far front the central Bandung.

Some of National Heroes who died in duty are buried here. We called this  'Taman Pahlawan'



Behind me and Kuda Lumping ,  there is a  bird made of metal.

 Do you know about the bird? It is an golden eagle, a symbol of our country, Indonesia.  

 On the banner we can read  BHINEKA TUNGGAL IKA which means Unity in Diversity.

 As you know Indonesia, my country consists of thousand islands and many tribes and culture.

 Although we are different in culture, island, and tribe, we are still one. 



Kuda Lumping and I are in action on the fly over in Bandung.

It is the first fly over built in Bandung. We called it 'Pasupati' Bridge.

 It was built to over come the traffic jam in Bandung. Here we can see the view around Bandung.

Kuda Lumping shows you fish sculpture which is located in one of the junctions in Bandung.

 It is not far from 'Gedung Merdeka'.

Kuda Lumping and I visited Arm Forces Museum. This picture was taken in the front yard of the museum.

You can see there is a tank belongs to Army

Kuda Lumping took a picture with Mr. Desta in front of army tank.

Composed by : Desta from SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia